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How do I get a lasting weight loss the right way? What is the best way to lose weight for a lasting weight loss? How do I stay slim? Pregnancy Tips? Fear of giving birth? Exercise when you are pregnant? Preparing to get pregnant? Battle against cellulite? Meditation?

All these questions are answered on this blog – Wellbeing for your body. Here you find answers to a lot of problems during life.

On this blog, you’ll discover the specific topics which you find in the menu bar just above here.

These topics cover what you need to regarding the daily life for losing weight, stay hit, handling kids, getting pregnant or products you need for the family.


What You can Expect to Learn

On this site you can find articles about subject like below and a lot more:

  • How much and what to eat during pregnancy because you need to do it the healthy way for yourself and your child to come
  • Pregnancy tips that will give you a healthy way of living in all aspects
  • Do you have fear of giving birth? Learn how to overcome or live with the fear because having anxiety is quite normal.
  • Do you know your diet affects your look?
  • What causes cellulite? This is a common problem for a lot of women (and men also) so start learning why it “arrives”
  • Also get the answer to the battle against cellulite.
  • Understand the metabolism: its meaning, importance and how it works for you, and how you make it work the best way for you to lose weight loss and avoid it coming back.
  • What foods to eat and not to eat, and why stuff like soda and the likes are extremely bad for your body if you want to stay slim in the long run.
  • What diets you should use and why you should use those.
  • What exercises that are the best for you if you don’t like to exercise, or if you actually like to exercise a lot.


Who owns the site?

This site is made by two people who happen to live together(in love). The technical part of the site and some health issues are covered by the male part of our couple who is: Morten. The writing and subject is covered by Katya who is the female part of the couple. We are from Denmark in Europe, both in the beginning of the 40’s and have lived together for many years now.

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