Acid peels for acne scars – Benefits and damages in treatment

acid peels for acne scars

Acid peels for acne scars have become quite common at present. This is necessarily due to the fact that these peels have proved to be very effective in the treatment of acne scars.

The skin is arguably the largest and most important organ in the body. As such, its care should be prioritized on so as to ensure that it is maintained at its best state.

There are other different options that are provided for as far as the treatment of acne scars is concerned. For starters, these scars are usually left behind after the effective removal of acne, a severe skin condition.

The worst thing about this skin condition is that if not handled correctly, there is a great possibility of the condition turning cancerous. This possesses a greater threat and risk to the patient.

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Facts About Acid Peels 

Acid peels work in a very unique way whereby they cause controlled damage at first. These peels are applied on the skin area where the scar is.

The damage caused by the peels gives rise to a superficial wound that heals naturally with time. The damaged skin cells are replaced by new skin cells. This leads to a consequent improvement in the skin’s appearance.

There are different types of peels that are available for use in the treatment of acne scars. However, the choice of the specific peel to be used is dependent on factors such as the nature of the acne scar been treated.

This is due to the fact that there are scars that are more extensive than others. Such scars require the use of a highly effective peel.

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Types of acid peels?

There are mainly three types of acid peels with their classification been based on the extent to which they cause skin damage?

The common types are:

  • Superficial peels
  • Medium peels
  • Deep peels

Superficial peels are used for less extensive scars as they only cause damage to the skin’s topmost layer, epidermis. On the other hand, medium peels are used for removing acne scars that are well established but not severe.

These peels penetrate the skin up to the dermis layer. Deep peels reach the deepest layers of the dermis. These peels are used in the removal of extensive acne scars.

There a set of advantages and disadvantages associated with the use acid peels for treatment of acne scars.

On the positive side, the peels are very effective and therefore present an effortless way of removing acne scars in the body. Additionally, they are also cheaper as opposed to using conventional medicine for treatment of these scars.

On the negative side, the peels bring about a strong irritating and itching effect. This is due to their acidity and the itching gets worse if they come into contact with broken skin.

Acid peels for treatment of acne scars have gained great recognition in the present day. Big names like Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Williams have publicly confessed to having used these peels in the treatment of their acne conditions. This has mainly been due to the fact that the peels offer effective and reliable help as far as treatment of the scars is concerned.