Best bottles for breastfed babies – 4 of the best (for your baby)

Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Even though all research tells that breastfeeding is the best for both you and the child which you can read in this article about the benefits of breastfeeding which is something you should know about, there are sometimes situations that does you need to use a bottle in certain occasions.

To assist you in such situations, you get the best bottles for breastfed babies right here that should be able to mimics the flow, motion and feeling of the breast in different kinds of shapes.

The best Overall Bottle – Tommee Tippee Bottles


Tommee Tippee Bottles are easy to wash, assemble and from personally experience I can say that they never have leaked a single time. Most reviews tell that babies don’t choke on these which are something that makes it a great bargain.

If you have an older baby, you need to use the stage 2 nipples because the stage 1 nipples are rather tight for the flow.


For Travel & Daycare – Playtex Drop-In Nursers

The Playtex Drop-In bottles are easy for travel and daycare for the reason of the disposable drop-ins. Instead of cleaning the whole system, you just need to clean the nipples which make them perfect for travelling. What makes them great for daycare is that fact that each liner is sterile, so you just send the entire system and don’t need to worry about keeping the parts clean.

Besides this nice feature it have a slow flow nipple which can help the baby avoiding choking and the price is something most people can afford.

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The Best Glass Bottle – Avent Bottles

Even though plastic have taken over the market you can still get glass bottles and the best one is probably Avent Bottles. These are easy to wash and assemble and the fear of breaking them is non-existing because the glass is really thick and hard. The only issue with these glass bottles compared to the plastic is the price, because they are a bit more expensive and cost around 40$ for two.


Wide-Mouthed – Mimijumi

This wide-mouthed bottle is one of the most breast like bottles you can find and it have a unique nipple which will help simulate and even the color helps mimic an actually breast.

You can find more bottles for breastfed babies at the link and do take the time to read the reviews which most times are the best sign to look for when you need to the right breastfed bottle for your child.