Braun thermoScan 5 IRT6500 digital ear thermometer

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When it comes to taking care or our babies and children, we tend to go a little over board with health care items. But never tell that to the actual parent. And as a parent myself, I know for sure how easy it is to get offended when someone suggests that my extended efforts to ensure my child’s comfort are a little hysterical.
And all of that baby equipment usually racks up an expensive bill. From bathing items, to play items, to a variety of other items that are really only meant for children to sit in. But one item that I will never be convinced is a waste is a good, properly working thermometer.
And if you’re conducted some research, you’ll take notice that there are a few options. Probe thermometers are usually the most accurate, as long as they’re inserted rectally. However, the drawback is that you have to insert it rectally. So depending if you want your child to grow up hating you, you might have some reservations about shoving that thing up his or her cute little fanny.
But there are also infrared thermometers, forehead thermometers, smart thermometers and even non-contact baby thermometers. And each one comes with its own ease-of-use, but there’s a frequently a trade off when trying to select the easier thermometer to use.
But one type of thermometer that gets routinely selected are ear thermometers. They utilize a probe, which penetrates into the baby’s or child’s ear. And because the temperature is coming internally, it’s far more accurate than a temperature received from an infrared thermometer taking a reading off the child’s skin.
And when you mention ear thermometers, Braun’s digital ear thermometer is usually the most common thermometer in the general public. And for good reason.

Braun’s Digital Ear Thermometer Review

One of the best thermometers to use for children is the ear thermometer.  Ear thermometers generally work by utilizing a probing tip. That probe tip gets inserted into the child’s ear. And that tip has sensors that detect the thermal radiation coming from inside the child’s mind. And those readings are relayed to the computer, which is then broadcasted onto the LCD for the parent to determine the overall health of the child.
And Braun’s digital ear thermometer is no different. But where it does differ, helps put it ahead of the competition. And one of the biggest features is the pre-warming tip. If you’ve ever dealt with a baby, then you’ll know they are highly sensitive to stimulation.  nd a cold probe in the ear can certainly over stimulate the baby. So Braun has allowed the material to absorb and retain heat. This allows the tip to be much more comfortable for the baby and child, compared to a cold probe.

Pro & Cons


  • Pre-warmed tip for exceptional comfort
  • guidance system ensures proper application
  • Both accurate and responsive


  • Uses infrared thermal readings for fast temp calculations


But not only does the warm tip offer better comfort for a fussy child, it actual improves the thermometer’s accuracy. The tips of standard ear thermometers are usually affected by a cooling affect. This cooling affect can alter the reading, which can give off the perception that the person is as sick as he or she actually is.
But because of Braun’s technological advancements, they’ve been able to preserve the temperature, so that the cooling does not affect the actual reading of the thermometer. This way, you can expect accurate readings anytime you refer to your Brain thermometer.
In addition to the actual ear probe, it comes with a lens filter. This filter is placed over the probe. And although this makes it sound redundant, the filter actually helps protect the probe. And by preserving and protecting the probe, you can give the device a greater chance to perform better over the course of time.

But How Does Such A Heralded Device Get Handled?

Well, it’s promising to note that this unit is hand held. Which is the sentiment for most thermometers. But being hand held gives it the opportunity for any parent to take the appropriate temperature measurements.
It is 6″ tall, and about 1.5″ wide, and another 1.5″ long.  It weighs 2.4 ounces, and requires 2 AA batteries.
And even though there’s a respectable size, Braun’s innovation has designed their baby thermometer with ergonomics in mind. The tip has been engineered with a unique positioning system. This system uses a light and beep to let the administrator know that the device has been inserted properly. And not only that it has been inserted properly, but that it has registered a reading for the administrator to see.

But is it Perfect?  

No.  Even though Braun took a lot of considerations into its design, it does have some draw backs. And the biggest one is that there is no backlight. The backlight comes in handy when it comes time to take the temperature of a sick child who is trying to sleep.
As any parent knows, when their child gets irratable due to illness, it will turn into an MMA match to get that child to sit still. Headlocks and grapples might be required. And at the end of the fight, you’ll only have Braun to blame, because the light had to be turned on so you could read the temperature reading.
Another set back is the lens filter. So that lens filter does come with its advantages, like keeping the device’s tip clean. But the problem with the lenses is that they end up being a recurring cost.
If needing to constantly replace the tips is a certified deal-breaker, then consider iProven’s medical ear thermometer. It can connect to your smart phone through Bluetooth, so that you always have a backlight monitor, and you won’t have a lens that needs replaced after each use.
Or look into Morpilot’s ear and forehead thermometer. Not only does it offer a backlight, but it comes with audible sensors to alert you if the temperature reading is fearfully high.
But overall, Braun’s baby thermometer is one of the top rated, and highest selling thermometers on the market. From their ergonomics, to their warming tip, they’ve created a uniquely designed baby thermometer that factors a lot of considerations that other ear thermometers do not.