You can buy cheap maternity clothing online

You can buy cheap maternity clothing online

Expecting again? You know what to wear during pregnancy and may even have some appropriate clothing leftover. If it’s your first, you need to build a maternity wardrobe.

It’s happening. You’re expecting a baby. Your mind is filled with endless possibilities, issues, facts, figures and concerns. Whether you’re a fashionista or not, whether you plan ahead or take it day-by-day, you know your future includes changes in your wardrobe. (Even the work-at-home-in-PJ types must leave the house sometimes.)

The clothing dilemma for women who work while pregnant

Maternity clothing becomes an issue for women who work outside the home. Those who wear uniforms may have to tell bosses or supervisors sooner than you’d rather. The first changes in a pregnant body include an expanding waistline and larger breasts.

Don’t fall into the trap of many pregnant women who want to wait to tell people: don’t suddenly start wearing clothing that doesn’t look a thing like your regular wear. For example, if you only wear fitted slacks and peplum jackets, someone is going to notice when you show up three days in a row in loose-fitting sundresses (especially in winter!).

It may come as a surprise you can actually buy cheap maternity clothing online. For example, the Australian company Bump Baby and Beyond has an easy-to-navigate website with a huge “Clearance” section, featuring season-appropriate maternity clothes at serious discounts. You can look for casual and career looks, too.

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Maternity clothing for pregnant women on a budget

If you’re on a super tight budget and want to try and save as much as possible in the first trimester, then it’s time to carefully evaluate what’s currently in your closet. Do you have expandable (elastic)-waist pants? Leggings? Low-rise jeans that sit below your burgeoning belly? You can probably wear those (and fitted elastic waist skirts, too) paired with longer, loose or flowing tops.

Do you have stretchy knit dresses? There are many comfortable clothing choices if you have knit dresses. The most comfortable, especially in very warm weather, are dresses with stretch (a little or a lot). Do you have dresses for times when you need to size up, because of eating badly for the last month? Pull those clothes out now. Take off the belts of any elastic waist dresses.

The best maternity clothing tip you’ll find on the Internet today

If you have a favourite pair of slacks you’re not quite ready to give up on, pair them with a long shirt or tunic– instead of struggling with the waistband, use an elastic hair tie to wrap around the buttonhole and then the button, adding extra “give” to your preshie pants. The popular “low-rise” styles are a great pick for this trick. For dress trousers, you can try a similar method. If your pants have, for example, a hook-and-eye, take two safety pins and pin one each on each side of the waistband and attach together with a rubber band or elastic.

For some, the prospect of pregnancy breasts (they get bigger) can be an exciting notion. For others, it means another piece of clothing to purchase. Buy bra extenders, so you may wear your favourite lingerie just a little while longer. You can also consider stretchy microfibre bras that have “give.”

Other ideas to extend “regular” clothes wear: large men’s t-shirts – these are useful to sleep and workout in. For the most casual of wear, you can buy a pair of elastic-waist pyjama bottoms in a size up and these are great for lounging.

However, it really may surprise you that you can find cheap maternity clothes online. Buying actual maternity clothes means you’ll have clothing specifically designed for pregnancy.

You won’t look “cobbled together” and clothes will fit. If you work in a corporate job or in any supervisorial position, this is definitely your best option.

If you are worried about the investment of maternity clothing, consider this (and the big draw is the possibility that it’s not as expensive as you initially thought): you can wear the clothes for subsequent pregnancies, share with expectant family members or friends, and, eventually, you can either sell on eBay or donate to a charity shop.

Consider keywords when selling online. Many expectant mothers will be looking for a “lot” of clothing to maximize shipping costs, and to get as many pieces of clothing as possible for one price. Meanwhile, you will have the original, new maternity clothes, and know that you got them for a great deal.