Calories Burned in Hot Yoga

Calories burned in Hot Yoga

Maybe you are doing yoga or consider starting yoga, and you want to know how many calories burned in hot yoga because you might consider doing yoga for losing weight.

There are a few forms of yoga you can choose from, but the one you want for maximum calories burned is Hot Yoga.

Before I tell you how many calories burned in hot yoga, I have to tell you a few benefits from Yoga which calories numbers will not tell you about:

  • Your body functions works better
  • Your body get toned and your core gets improved
  • You feel more vital physically and mentally
  • Back pain, shoulder or other pains will be reduced
  • Stress Reduction

These things are all benefits of hot yoga and yoga in general, which besides the weight loss benefit all are great benefits to consider if you want to start on yoga.

It can be very hot in a Bikram yoga class

For the most calories burned, you need to go for hot yoga which is also called Bikram Form, and it is practiced over a 90-minute period in a heated room that’s above normal temperature.

Before you just start on hot Yoga you need to consider that practicing yoga in a heated room poses health risk like dehydration and heat exhaustion, so remember to drink water before and after class.

Calories Burned in Yoga

As I already told, hot yoga is in 105 degree heated room and approx. humidity of 40%.

Because of this you will sweat a lot when you are doing the 26 postures Hot Yoga have.

Calories burned in hot yoga 60 minutes will be from 350-700 calories for individuals weighing 120 to 160 lbs (general number), and for a 90 minutes session will you burn 1000 calories which is almost the same as running 6mp for 90 minutes.

Approximation of calories burned in hot bikram yoga during 90 minutes based on your body weight in pounds:

100 lbs = 476 calories
125 lbs = 595 calories
150 lbs = 714 calories
175 lbs = 833 calories
200 lbs = 953 calories
225 lbs = 1072 calories
250 lbs = 1191 calories

You can use this free calculator (you just need to sign up) and according to your gender, height and weight you will know how many calories you could burn:

Click here to visit free calculator:

1000 calories burned in a hot yoga class is a lot and to illustrate it, look at the number of how many Calories burn in Hatha yoga which is regular yoga

Hatha yoga burn 290-350 calories

I hope this information helped you for whatever reason you need to know the average calories burned in hot yoga class, and if you have some suggestion leave a comment below.