Can precum get a girl pregnant? Find the answer (for you & girl)

can precum get a girl pregnant

Many young people and especially girls who are first starting their active sexual life wonder about some important questions…

Can precum get a girl pregnant?

When two people are just making out, is it safe not to use a condom in the earlier stages of making love, or is there a high risk of getting the girl pregnant with the precum?

While many young people assume precum is relatively safe, but the fact is, the chances of being with a child from the precum alone are quite likely when a girl and boy made out.

There are many cases where a teenage boy and girl overlook this matter when they were intimate, and all of sudden they are finding themselves searching for first signs on pregnancy on Google because it caused a case of unwanted pregnancy.

As harmless as it may seem, tests have proven that precum contains enough number of active sperms which can easily and very possibly fertilize the female egg and lead to a pregnancy.

Every year there are many cases among teenagers or even adults as a living proof that some get pregnant.

So it is important to have this conversation with your partner at an appropriate time, discussing this fact that precum can indeed cause a girl to get pregnant.

When both of you are aware of the risks you can both take the necessary important actions to avoid it.

For this reason, two solutions are generally recommended.

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Solutions to Avoid Accidents

First, try to wear a condom at all times during sex. Even making love for a few seconds without protection can cause an unwanted pregnancy through the precum. So taking effective safety measures is always recommended especially if you are the girl who have the chance of getting pregnant.

If you don’t like the hassle of wearing a condom every time, you can simply arrange with the girl so she is on the pill for extra protection.

Taking contraceptive pills is even a more effective and safer solution to avoid getting pregnant for the girl. So you no longer have to worry about the possibility of the condom breaking or slipping off during sex.

So by choosing a reliable contraceptive pill, you and your partner can enjoy a safe and well-protected sex.

Now knowing about the risk of getting pregnant from precum itself, you are one step ahead of everyone else who thinks it is safe.

While it is proven based on thousands of cases of unwanted pregnancy – mostly in teenagers – protecting yourself against any accidents is a wise decision and Again if you are the girl who can get pregnant, you should take this very serious.

If you know any friends who are recently dating someone and they may not be aware of the fact that precum can also cause a girl to get pregnant, you can inform them in order to save them from any possibly unlucky accidents.

Because even though the chances of a girl get pregnant from precum alone are lower than while having fully unprotected sex, it happens to many women. So it is certainly a possibility to consider.

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What if?

If you have had recent unprotected sex with only the precum, you might be at the risk of causing an unwanted pregnancy. So it is a good solution to take the Morning After pill, which can be easily bought from the pharmacies.

This pill is quite a strong dosage of the normal contraceptive pills, and it helps act as a cure to avoid any pregnancy before it occurs.

If it’s a while back then you should buy the best home pregnancy test on the market to know if you are pregnant or not no matter if it came from the precum.