Celebrities with stretch marks (Check out the list)

celebrities with stretch marks

Even though the famous people use a lot of time and money to look beautiful they can fight against nature. They have the same body as you and me and as us, they have the same problems with their bodies and celebrities with stretch marks are as common as regular folks with stretch marks.

Stretch marks is a bitch and for some people it is a really big problem, but if these really celebrities can become top actress, top musicians or supermodels with stretch marks, it means that the rest of us have a chance to get by in life even with this annoying thing.

You need to check out the article about how to get rid of stretch marks fast to find the best solution to your problem but read on to find out that world star idols have the same problem with stretch marks as anybody else.

Scarlett Johansson Stretch Marks

Scarlett Johansson who is a world start actress staring movies like Iron Man 2, Under the Skin and other top dollar movies have stretch marks, but as a lot of other famous people she have the money to hide it the best possible way.

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Kim Kardashian Stretch Marks

I’m not really sure what one should call Kim Kardashian occupation besides she is a world star girl who make a lot of money doing … nothing besides the family show called Keeping up with the Kardashians (have to admit that I don’t see it, because those people are simply without a brain but rich though) and trying to get her face on the first page in the news.

Regarding stretch marks and Kim Kardashian then it safe to say, that she also gets it during a pregnancy like the pictures from www.celebdirtylaundry.com shows:

Kim Kardashian in Short Shorts Shows Off Cellulite, Stretch Marks, and Flabby Legs on Lunch Date (PHOTOS)

But she have been fighting against getting stretch marks on her belly and it have worked out fine by using her “secret” oils like you can read from yahoo news:

The new mom shared the contents of her makeup bag with MailOnline, and — surprise! — none of it costs more than $31!

In addition to beauty standbys from familiar brands — like Dove Body Scrub (“I love this; it’s great for prepping the skin,” she said) and Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Wipes (“This is one of my most essential products, I need a makeup wipe at all times”) — Kardashian also raved about some items that aren’t as well-known, like Bio-Oil and Moroccan Oil.

“It prevents wrinkles around my eyes and stretch marks over my body,” she said of Bio-Oil, a natural skincare oil. Moroccan Oil, she says, she uses to give her hair extra shine.

You might want to check out the bio-oil for stretch marks and see if it can help you, but you need to remember oils only work for the outside and stretch marks are formed from the inside.

Jennifer Hudson Stretch Marks

I think it is a safe to say that Jennifer Hudson have stretch marks without documenting it, because it can be seen on almost every picture of her. You can see it in her arms or the breast and the reason that she might have more stretch marks than normal is because she used to be overweight.

Kate Beckinsale Stretch Marks

Another famous star is Kate Beckinsale who have openly said that she have stretch marks:

I don’t know how people think you can go from eight-and-a-half stone to over 12 stone when you’re pregnant and not get them. I’ve got stretch marks everywhere.

She denies that she have used plastic surgery to remove her stretch marks, which seems rather unlikely since they are gone all of sudden, but if she wants people to believe that stretch marks like hers can vanish naturally why should one question that then.

Other celebrities who either told out loud or have been taken picture by their stretch marks are women like Shakira, Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham and not to forget Angelina Jolie.