Celebrity diet plans for men: An overview

Celebrity diet plans for men

The desire to become a celebrity, who enjoys great publicity and constant attention, asks for a healthy and lean body which requires you to have a good exercise routine and a healthy meal plan.

Internet is often considered to be the excellent source of information in the matter like a few years ago regarding the Josh Peck weight loss. However, opting for a diet plan from the abundance offered is going to be a tough job for an average person. However, if you are a person who cares for yourself, you have to acquire and maintain a healthy body. The following celebrity diet plans might be worth trying for you.


STATHAM’S diet plan

Men's Health 5 2006 Magazine 2 Sided Covers HOT MOVIE ACTORS JASON STATHAM & JAMES FRANCO Special Look-Great Issue SURFER LAIRT HAMILTON SHOWS FASHION CLOTHINGCelebrity diet plans for men abound in number. However, most of them appear impractical for the average person, and it happens because they ask for great self-control and commitment. The Jason Statham plan is excellent for those searching for a bit of enjoyment in dieting.

The program functions on the basis of one philosophy; do not eat carbs after lunch. Your breakfast should contain fresh fruits and oats, and this may have to be changed slightly depending on your area of residence. Consult a dietician and you would be able to acquire helpful insights with this regard. Let your lunch be a combination of brown rice and vegetables. Having miso soup too would be of great benefit. The dinner should be a source of protein; fish, lean chicken and vegetables. Do not forget to have protein snacks at regular intervals. You should also drink lots of water; up to three liters per day.


Ryan Reynolds’s Workout: The 6-Pack Diet Plan

The 6-pack diet plan is known to be the most useful among celebrity diet plans for a man. Here, you do not do much to control your diet, but eliminates the need of storing fat for the body’s energy requirements. You divide your diet into small meals scattered throughout the day. Preparing the meals in advance would be of great advantage. You do not have to cook every time you plan to have a meal. Drink plenty of water and make sure that you are having dinner before 9 in the night.

When it comes to workout, the best bet is a self-analysis. Remember, you are not going to enjoy an exercise routine outlined by someone else, even if that person is an expert in the field. Evaluate your likings, outline a routine accordingly and go for it.


The Triangle of Celebrity Diet Plans for Men

A research online on celebrity diet plans for men to follow would come out with one conclusion; it is a triangle containing a physician, nutritionist and trainer. The physician evaluates your physical condition; the nutritionist prepares a diet program, and a fitness expert comes up with a good exercise plan.

The diet is going to be a low-carb, high-protein one. The amount of protein one needs differs from person to person. But, the general rule is that your meal should include one gram of protein for every pound of your body.

Explore the Internet and you will most likely be presented with thousands of diet plans for men. Go for the one you feel would work well for you which for most men could be Mike Geary’s Truth about six pack abs program – The most online sold healthy diet program.