Consider Integrating a Calorie Calculator to Lose Weight

Consider Integrating a Calorie Calculator to Lose Weight

Don’t say you are losing weight when you aren’t keeping track of your calorie intake. In fact, keeping track of your calorie intake is not about counting off the head, it’s about following a well calculated dietary plan, that is essential in helping you lose the unwanted weight – and that’s only possible when you consider a calorie calculator to lose weight.

It has been said that your calorie intake both for men or women has a direct impact on your quest to lose weight. The good news is, it’s possible to painlessly calculate the amount of calories you take each day.


Your Metabolic Rate

Debra Wein, a registered and certified dietitian by National Strength and Conditioning Association says that it’s possible to manually calculate your calorie intake using a simple mathematical formula that uses your weight, height and age.

If you need to find your weight in kg, divide your weight in lbs. by 2.2. Again, that’s not the end; you’ll need to find your height in cm by multiplying it in inches by 2.54. Considering your daily physical activities, and the amount of calories you consume during those activities, multiply your daily calorie value by a factor, in this case-an activity factor. If you remain in bed all day long, multiply it by 1.2, however, if you are a sedentary, multiply by 1.3 and if you remain active all day, multiply by 1.5.

As you can see, it’s already a jargon that most people can’t handle (if you hate mathematics like I do). That’s where an online calculator comes in handy because it does it all in a few seconds.


How it Works

Its user friendly, so don’t worry because everything is straight forward. Just enter your current weight, age, followed by your height and gender into the boxes provided by the calculator interface. No more digits to enter, just the usual facts of how many kg or lbs. you weigh and it will instantly show how many calories you should take to maintain the desired weight, or lose it. Remarkably, you don’t even have to change your activity rate, because it’s already factored into the equation.

You will ultimately achieve your desired weight loss, but again, that’s not the end of the road in your quest to put your weight spot-on. In fact, every time you notice a change in weight, you will need to recalculate it with regards to the changes that took place.

Have you always use the Dice’s when trying to calculate Things?

Fat Loss and Calorie

According to Zoë Harcombe one pound of fat equivalent of 3555 calories compared to the general opinion that 1 Pound is equal 3500 calories. Essentially, a daily calorie deficit of 500 will leave you with a fat loss of 1 pound every week. But even with this, there isn’t a guarantee because in real life, things are never that efficient, so you’d be surprised to find yourself with more addition of calorie than subtraction.

But it’s proven that a person’s energy expenditure reduces as they grow lighter. Apparently, the amount of food intake that reduced your weight in the first place will eventually maintain.

If you’re going to use a calculator, the ultimate rule for success is to focus on ”fat loss” calorie level. You see its better burning fats than starving it. If you want to venture into an effective weight loss plan, then an appropriate dietary plan, together with a weight loss calculator comes handy.

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