Warning – Daily Calorie Intake for Weight Loss

Daily Calorie Intake for Weight Loss

In today’s life looking good and being in shape is everybody’s dream but what most people do not know is that getting your body into that perfect shape is not easy.

There are those who wish to lose weight and there are those who want to increase some pounds on what they have.

The number of people who want to lose weight are way higher compared to those who want to gain weight. When you want to lose weight it is very important to know your daily calorie intake for weight loss because calories are responsible for both weight gain and loss which is why a good calorie intake is the most important thing for losing weight.


How Much Calorie Intake?

Calories are obtained from foods and drinks we individuals eat or drink. These foods and drinks differ in the amounts of your calorie intake; a slice of bread contains more calories than a carrot stick.

For body builders and weight lifters like Ronnie Colman, their daily intake of calories is much more as compared to other people. This is because their bodies require lots more of calories to perform the heavy tasks and workouts.

For individuals who are not body builders or their daily activities are not so vigorous but visit the gym to keep their bodies in shape with fitness, still their daily calorie intake is considerably high as compared to those who do nothing at all. This is because every time you work out or indulge in a vigorous activity the body requires enough calories to perform these activities. But this does not mean that one should eat a lot without considering the calories in food as this will be against the plan of losing weight.

There are several physical exercises that aim at burning calories and ensuring that an individual has that perfect body with lean muscles.

For example, you can go for Karate lessons, Les Mills combat, extreme workout programs and other activities that aim at burning calories and transforming them into muscles. A good example of an individual who has a perfect lean body is the First Lady Michelle Obama who has to work out almost daily to keep in shape.

Some calories are also burned during rest, individuals BMI (Basal Metabolic Rate) is concerned with burning calories when one is asleep. Studies show that approximately 60% of the total calories are burned when one is asleep.


Daily Calorie Intake for Diet

For an individual to lose one pound, that individual has to burn 3500 calories more than what he or she consumes.

For example if an individual wants to reduce one pound in a week, that person has to reduce his or her calorie intake by let’s say 300 per day and at the same time increase his or her daily activity that will ensure that 200 calories are burned in the same day. With this program one is guaranteed to lose a pound in a week.

In conclusion daily calorie intake for weight loss squarely depends on what one eats. Instead of eating foods that are high in calories, one can resort to eating fruits and other foods that are less in calories. Alternatively one can increase his daily activities to ensure that more calories are burned and turned into muscles rather than fats as seen above which not only will handle the obesity but will also be good for the health.