13 Early pregnancy tips – Why not be prepared during pregnancy?

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You’re probably expecting an upcoming addition to your family after the early pregnancy symptoms and for that reason are there a few early things you need to know if you don’t know them already.

The first early stages of pregnancy are the most critical to the 9-month process.

This article contains some early pregnancy tips so that you can be as prepared for your baby’s life as possible.

If you take the proper care of your body while it’s nourishing another life, your baby can turn out happy and healthy, just the way you want him or her to be and remembering a few early simple steps during your pregnancy week by week can make all of the difference in the world.

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The 13 Early Pregnancy Health Tips

The obvious most important step you need to take when you find out about the early pregnancy signs is to see your doctor.

Before sharing the happy news with anyone or posting it on Facebook, make sure you see your doctor first for early pregnancy tests to check that everything is ok as early as possible.

  1. The first early trimester pregnancy tips is that you should take pictures of your tummy as early as you find out about the pregnancy and until the day you are expected to deliver. Then you can look back after you’ve given birth and enjoy the progress your body made with your son or daughter.
  2. In the early pregnancy you should opt to skip out on social events or plans if you’re suffering from morning sickness. Don’t force yourself to go out there and try to have fun if you’re not feeling up to it. If they’re your true friends then they’ll understand.
  3. This is not just an early pregnancy advice but eat for two while you’re pregnant even though this tips sounds like a cliché but it is actually quite important. This doesn’t mean stuffing your face at McDonald’s, but eat as much healthy food as you can. Don’t be afraid to get completely full off fruits and vegetables. Your baby’s health depends on it. Pregnant women are supposed to consume at least 300 extra calories a day, which can be done easily with some yogurt with granola or two big apples. You should expect to gain 25-35 pounds while you are carrying your baby and it is better to be prepared as early as possible for this.
  4. Be sure you consume a lot of iron, protein, calcium, and DHA as early as you can. You need about 50% more iron while you are pregnant and this is not something you should neglect.
  5. Take prenatal vitamins. These can be bought over the counter and may even help your hair and nails grow.
  6. Talk to your friends and family about their first pregnancies. No matter how long ago or what age they were when they got pregnant, they’ll be able to offer some helpful information. Your mom would be a great source for finding out early helpful tips.
  7. DON’T change cat litter. Cat litter contains ingredients that can be extremely harmful to pregnant women when inhaled.
  8. A good early beauty tips is to rest and exercise frequently. You should be doing these things even when you’re not pregnant, but if exercise it’ll keep the weight off after you deliver and resting frequently can increase your energy level.
  9. Take an early pregnancy class. Most of these are free and can greatly help you out, especially if this is your first time pregnancy.
  10. Start writing a early “pregnancy journal”. Write about your early feelings, morning sicknesses, and body changes every day during your pregnancy. This will be a nice little memory to look back on after your kids are older.
  11. This might be a tips for men considering no pregnant woman actually should paint a room if there is a dad around. When you are preparing your baby’s rooms, don’t use heavy paints with toxic fumes and not only in the early stage but the entire stage of carrying a child.
  12. To prevent leg cramps, start stretching before you go to bed.
  13. Relax as much as possible in the early stage and beyond. Take hot baths, breathe deeply and drink some non-caffeinated hot tea.