Easy labor tips – Why not be prepared for the big occasion?

Easy labor tips - Why not be prepared for the big occasion?

Giving birth to a child can be a terrifying experience and a lot of women have fear of giving birth but you can benefit from these easy labor tips so you are prepared for the big occasion.

1 – Attend childbirth Education Classes to Make it Easy

Learning about the different steps of the birth and practice proper breathing can make you less afraid of birth.

Try to find out which courses are near you and check out how big the groups are and whether the teacher is trained so you are sure to get proper pregnancy tips for an easier labor.

2 – Make Sure to Have Good Easy Support

Your partner is probably obvious to have by your side during labor, but it may be a good idea to arrange the support of an additional person to make it even more easy.

The most important thing is of course that you have someone with you that you are comfortable with.

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3 – Stay in Shape

Pregnant women who keep themselves in shape often have a faster labor which normally Means it’s more easy to go through.

A good physical condition also makes it easier for you do endure birth. You should exercise while being pregnant and good forms of exercise could for example be swimming or participating in gymnastics or yoga classes specifically for pregnant women.

4 – Fill Yourself up with Energy

Something easy to eat in early labor can help you keep your energy levels up throughout the process. But avoid eating too fatty foods because a too full stomach can make you feel ill and make you throw up later in childbirth.

Muscle contractions and rapid breathing mean that you lose fluid quickly. Therefore drink plenty and ask for something to drink if you start to feel dehydrated. This is one of the say tips you really should use.

5 – Distract Yourself

A birth takes on average between 12 and 14 hours, so stay calm when you begin to notice that it is in progress.

If you are troubled from the start and count every little contraction you will wear yourself up. Try instead to do something that can catch your attention and get you to relax. Watch a few episodes of your favorite series or listen to good music on your iPod to make your labor easy.

6 – Get Massage

A study has found that women who were massaged by their partner during labor experienced less pain and anxiety.

When you stimulate an area that hurts with pressure and warmth, the pain signals that are sent to the brain will be lessened.

Tell your partner how you want massage. At one point it is perhaps the neck you would like to get massaged, whereas later in the process it may be your lower back and telling where and what makes it easy for him also.

7 – Don’t Lie Down all the Time

By keeping yourself upright you let gravity work for you. When the baby’s head presses against the cervix, it helps to expand you. Try different positions to see what suits you best during the labor.

8 – Have a Nice Bath

The pain can make your whole body tense, causing you to feel even more uncomfortable. A warm bath can counteract this. Use the shower on your lower back or where the pain feels worst. You can have a bath all the way through labor, however, you should check with your midwife if the water has broken.

9 – Be Open to Pain Relief

It may be a good idea not completely to eliminate the possibility of getting pain relief such as an epidural block. If it is a very long birth it can give that extra energy that makes the birth a good experience. Other options for pain relief could be hot baths, acupuncture or nitrous oxide gas.

10 – Breathe Easy

Short breaths between contractions can help you to relax and rest.

Use the strategies which also help you to relax in everyday life. It can be to breathe deeply, visualize your favorite place or listening to music.

All births end and when that happens there is a new life in your arms which make it a lot more easy to go through the birth!