Easy low carb breakfast made simple

Easy low carb breakfast made simple

Are you on a low carb diet for breakfast, or you are planning to start one. Well, every day you are reminded how breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The reasons are clearly known to you, however, if you do not know, it is high time. Breakfast is the first meal of the day; therefore it kick-starts your metabolism.

Nevertheless, it will keep your body focused until the next meal, which is lunch. In addition, for you to stay focused you have to be energized.

Nonetheless, there are numerous reasons why you may go on a low carb breakfast or diet. One of the most common is to lose weight. The only problem is sticking to the diet.

Most of you think it is impossible and difficult to maintain. As much as that can be true for various reasons, keeping a low carb breakfast diet is simple, check out.


Some of the healthy low carb breakfast meals

Various foods for a low carb diet are easy to prepare and are very healthy for you. The meals will keep you energized until your next meal. Here are a few ideas.

  • Try to incorporate eggs since they have plenty of protein that will keep you full. They can be boiled, scrambled, baked, among others. However for lower carb, the egg York ca be avoided.
  • Who said you could not eat pancakes. There are low carb pancakes.
  • Try some yoghurt too especially the Greek yoghurt that are low in carbohydrates
  • Blend yoghurt in smoothies that have a great deal of vitamins and healthy protein
  • For the meat lovers, you can try lean meat such as chicken and turkey sausages alongside eggs among others.
  • There is also the option of taking a low carb protein shake or bar

Tips and ideas to maintain your low carb breakfast

Choosing a low carb breakfast that suits you is not only tricky, but it can be hard to maintain it. However, it is not impossible; here are a few ideas to crack it.

  • Whenever you feeling lazy in the morning try those low carb meals that do not require cooking such as yoghurt
  • You can blend yoghurt into smoothies for more vitamins and healthy proteins
  • For the extra busy mornings, you can incorporate some protein bars and shakes to ensure you do not go out without breakfast.
  • Choose a low carb breakfast that is high in protein to give you a good start and keep you full.
  • Always take green vegetables in every meal
  • Eat foods like fish oil, avocado, or coconut oils to provide you with good fats
  • Always be disciplined and stay determined as results will come


Benefits of keeping a low carb breakfast

As much as you are complaining that maintaining a low carb diet is hard, there are various benefits associated.

  • Most low carb meals are healthy for the body for instance eggs and fruits
  • Yoghurt does not require cooking and it is healthy and satisfying
  • Combination of various low carb breakfast meals will lead to a healthy lifestyle and most health complications such as diabetes among others will be avoided
  • Low carb breakfast meals will energize you and at the same time, make you full
  • Low carb breakfast will help accelerate your weight loss routine if any
  • Most low carb breakfast meals are easy and simple to make



Choosing the right low carb breakfast meals will lead to a high-energy morning that is focused. In addition, you will lead a healthy lifestyle without health complications.

Combination of fruits, vegetable and other greens, lean meat to provide lean protein, some cereals, among others, will give the best low carb breakfast meal and should always be included in a good low carb diet menu.

Nevertheless, sticking to the diet is the most important thing. It is never difficult and it doesn’t mean you will be in prison, you also get to enjoy other foods like pancake etc.