Effects of an unhealthy diet

Effects of an unhealthy diet

We all love to eat foods that taste good and satisfy our cravings.

In this day and age, fast food has become a staple and it is easily available. Fast food not only tastes good and is available easily, but it also costs less and saves us the trouble of cooking our own meal. After all, who is going to cook an entire meal when they can just order something and feed themselves delicious food in a short amount of time without making any effort.

There is something many people don’t bother to think while on a regular fast food and junk food diet, and that is about the effects of this stuff on your health. There a lot of bad effects of an unhealthy diet, both short term as well as long term.

The lack of awareness of the effects of an unhealthy diet is rampant and very wide spread. Unless we know more about the effects of an unhealthy diet, we can do nothing to curb and change it into something healthier.

A healthy diet is a balanced diet that contains all of the major food groups in it. It has to have a balance of fresh foods, greens, vitamins and minerals, fish, poultry, dairy and meat to sustain your body. Without these nutrients, the body cannot develop in a healthy way and develop itself properly which may result in a lot of problems.


Some Effects of an Unhealthy Diet

why unhealthy diets are bad for you

Here are some of the adverse effects of an unhealthy diet that a person can experience:


1 – Some Vital Deficiencies

A proper diet that contains a healthy combination of all the major food groups and other nutrients is essential for the body to grow and develop in a healthy manner. However, if you continue sustaining yourself on merely junk food and fast food then you will suffer a lot of vital nutrient deficiencies.

Junk food and fast food is loaded with trans and saturated fats and hardly any vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial to your body.

This is why a prolonged diet of fast food can leave your body starving for some essential nutrients which can lead to a vast number of health related issues. Because of the lack of proper nutrients and food groups in a junk food diet, you can also experience chronic fatigue and a variety of digestive problems.

2 – Possibility of Chronic Illnesses

The very first and most obvious symptoms of having a prolonged unhealthy diet is gaining a lot of weight. Weight gain is of a great concern because that is the leading cause for most disorders and illnesses, and in particular the chronic illnesses.

Weight gain is caused by a number of factors that are present within fast food. First of all, junk food does not contain fresh vegetables or grains, this is one of the reasons that causes massive weight gain. Another reason is the constant consumption of sodas that are loaded with sugar which regularly accompanies the consumption of a fast food meal.

Because of the constant high calorie intakes the weight of the individual greatly increases and puts them at risk for chronic illnesses like diabetes.

High intake of calories leads to disruption with the body’s normal production and absorption of insulin, and this leads to high levels of blood in the sugar which is known as diabetes. Diabetes is a horrible and life long illness that can never be cured, and it is one of the major effects of an unhealthy diet.

3 – Body Weight

One of the most common and frequently occurring effects of an unhealthy diet is the increase in body weight.

A constant diet of fast foods that are really high calorie and loaded with fats can greatly increase the body mass index beyond its acceptable limit. Not only does a higher weight cause other health issues, but it in itself is a very uncomfortable and embarrassing experience.

A higher body weight can lead to lower levels of self esteem and a great difficulty and discomfort in simply doing normal routine activities. Truly, increased body weight is one of the most psychologically harmful effects of an unhealthy diet.

4 – Chronic Fatigue

This is one of the effects of an unhealthy diet that is hardly ever spoken about, but on a deeper level everyone knows and understand.

People who eat fast food on a regular basis often experience a consistent lack of energy and a constant feeling of lethargy and weakness. This is because the food they are eating does not meet the regular daily nutritional requirements for their body. Because of this, they are unable to do much work in a day and lead largely unproductive lives in constant discomfort.

5 – Atrophy of Muscles

Most junk food contains mostly simple carbohydrates that are high in calories and instantly boost up your glycemic index and also cause weight gain.

Because these foods are mostly made up of carbs and not much protein, your muscles find it harder to regenerate and maintain themselves. This means the longer you are on an unhealthy diet devoid of adequate protein, your muscles will shrink and atrophy as the time goes by and be replaces by big layers of fat on top of them.

6 – Spike in Cholesterol Levels

All healthy bodies produce some level of cholesterol and that is fine. However higher levels of cholesterol in the body can lead to a dearth of serious health problems over time. Cholesterol levels can jump up a lot if you constantly consume a lot of saturated fats. This is bad news since most fast food is chock full of a huge amount of saturated fat.

7 – Increased Blood Pressure

Another one of the most common effects of an unhealthy diet is an increase in your blood pressure, also known as hypertension. This is brought on by the overloaded sodium in most junk foods. This excess sodium also wreaks havoc on your kidneys as well as heart.


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