Elliptical trainer benefits weight loss

Elliptical trainer benefits weight loss

Regardless of the machine you use, weight loss will happen only if you use it the right way. It is not enough if you get a personal trainer and start doing rigorous exercises (pedaling and reverse pedaling) on the elliptical trainer. You should have a clear idea of your objective and work towards it so that you can lose weight as per your expectation. Here are some tips that you can try out if you are using the cross trainer, predominantly for weight loss.

Before reading about the workouts, you have to remember one important point. Though there are machines like the treadmill, stationary bikes and cycles for cardio workouts, nothing works like the cross trainer, if used properly. It is also a shame that in spite of its immense benefits, the elliptical trainer is one of the most misused gym equipment today. This is because most of the people don’t know the basics of handling the machine.


Posture is the key

why you should use elliptical trainer for workout?

How you place your body on the elliptical trainer is very important to determine if you will lose weight or not. When you use the moving handlebars, you have to ensure that your upper body moves in tandem with your lower body movement. When you use the stationary handlebars, your legs and butts do most of the work.  The most important point to remember always while using this machine is “flat feet.” Never raise your ankle or feet when you are using the pedals, as this may cause grievous injuries.


What to follow for weight loss

You can set the intensity of workouts that you want on your machine and also choose the effort that you require for it. The effort level is marked from 1 to 10, with one being the workout which requires the least effort and 10 being the workout which requires the most effort. For effective weight loss, you have to choose high-intense workouts with an effort level of at least 10, for about three times a week. According to experts, for every one-hour session of very intense workout on your cross trainer, you burn about 830 calories.


Repeated schedules of high and low intense workouts

Your body needs to recover well so that its fat and calorie burning capacity sustain for a longer time. Never make the mistake of going full intense on your pedaling, in a bid to lose more weight quickly. If you don’t balance your high-intense workouts with intermittent intervals of low-intense pedaling, your body would never be able to recover well. For every 20 to 30 seconds of high-intense pedaling, you have to take a break of about 10 seconds of low-intensity pedaling. Once you are comfortable with using the cross trainer, you can then do a full four minute of high-intense workout before you proceed to take a two-minute interval of low-intense pedaling.

You can also adjust the machine’s resistance levels (up and down) as you keep frequenting between high and low-intensity workouts. Yes, this will make you tired, and your legs may pain a lot. However, it is worth the effort because resistance helps in muscle building, which in turn, will help your body to burn more calories, resulting in considerable weight loss.