Fat Loss Factor Program Review

Fat Loss Factor Program Review

Read my unbiased and honest Fat loss Factor Program Review and what you read are the essential details you need to know before you decide grabbing a copy of the program yourself – By the way the program is free on trial because the Author believes in the power of the program.

So what exactly is Dr. Livingston Fat Loss Factor about?

The Fat Loss Factor program is a comprehensive guide for weight loss by Dr. Michael Allen Charles Livingston and his wife Lori. Dr. Michael Allen is a certified chiropractic Physician and advanced nutritionist.

The program shows you a rather unorthodox method of how to lose fat, and it is a bit different from the normal weight loss programs out there, however Michael provides a valid explanation and the reason behind every method and step they teach you.

For instance they start the first 2 weeks of the program concentrating on losing excess weight; eliminating toxins that are causing your fat cells to shrink; strengthening your immune system; increasing endurance; improving your overall health; breaking down emotional ties to food and gaining energy. The techniques in the first part are designed to reset your metabolism. Exercise during this time is a walk for 30 minutes a day and nothing else.

These two first weeks really do go into depth about nutrition.

Why you eat like you do, why you don’t have success with weight loss.

How you eat and correct foods, and also combine them in diet so you get maximum weight loss.

There is a dedicated section in the book about water, what it means to your body, why you don’t lose weight without and what benefits you gain with enough water. When I bought the program and researched for this fat loss factor program review I Actually was surprised about a few things I didn’t know, and I have read quite a few diet/weight loss programs during the past years.

I have read some super good books like Truth about abs which helped me years ago to lasting weight loss, but Fat Loss Factor Program is one of the first programs I have read that gives so EXACT explanations that are easy to understand, and Michael’s style of penning these specifications and explanations down really make it enjoyable to read.

The Exercise Part of Fat Loss Factor Program Review

The exercise part of the book concentrates on the main purpose of weight loss during exercises – LEAN MUSCLE MASS. A part from the book that explains it very well with a few words:

“Muscle serves as a primary energy consumer for your body. Think of it like a raging fire. Toss a log into it, and the piece of wood will burn up fairly quickly. Think of your fat like you would a lit match. It would take forever and a day for the match to burn up the log. Let’s put this in food terms: Eat a piece of pizza and your muscle can fry it up a lot faster than fat, thus reducing the amount of fat you will store”.

The exercise part of the book is based on the main thing explained above. High intensity exercises 2-4 times a week and only around 20 minutes each time.

I was quite skeptical about workout 2-4 times, 20 minutes at a time I thought it wouldn’t be enough. But during my test of the program and before I wrote this Fat Loss Factor Program Review, I found that Michael’s exercise program compared with the nutrition actually boosted my metabolism quite a lot.

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What is included in the Fat Loss Factor Program?

  • Fat loss Factor full program
  • Videos that demonstrate master cleanse process
  • Weight loss blueprints – designed for your experience in weight loss
  • Fat loss factor program goal setting guide
  • Recipe guide & shopping list that guides you
  • A measurements form to keep track of weight and body dimensions that are healthy
  • Fat loss factor program workout guide and your own personal exercise log
  • The Foo Joo software to help you choose healthy meals in fast food restaurants

What are the bad things about Fat loss Factor?

Use the healthy Fatloss Factor dietNothing is perfect and here are the flaws I noticed for writing Fat loss factor program review:

Charles Livingston uses some quite unorthodox methods that are different from the common weight loss program. I found myself quite overwhelmed with some of the things the program advises you to do for weight loss but Dr. Charles do describe everything very well in the fat loss factor program manual.

You need to take action and realize you won’t get rid of the overweight without a plan.  This can seem really unfair to many people, because we as humans tend to use excuses for not doing things. However Charles Livingston encourages you to take the first step regardless of excuses, because if you want to lose weight then you need to take action!

What are the good things about Fat loss Factor program?

Benefits of Fat Loss Factor program?The program is very easy to understand and follow. Dr. Charles really has a nice writing style and his experience as a nutritionist really shines through.

In the video there are five easy steps to help you lose weight, which you can try before you buy the program, just to test if you like it.

I just have to put this into this Fat loss factor program review because the program will apply to anyone. It’s probably one of the most versatile lose weight programs I read in a long time. Regardless of what condition, age or sex you are, you will get success in weight loss following this program.

The program is probably completely different from ANYTHING you ever have read about the subject. Michael does stand out from all those weight loss experts out there. Even though it is very different it is packed with logically proven reasoning which separates Michael from the crowd.

Fat Loss Factor Program Evaluation

If you are looking for weight loss then you will find that Fat loss Factor program truly works. The program is packed from start to end on unorthodox techniques that separates and makes the program unique, and personally I learned quite a few things during my test of the program.

If you are overweight, have extra belly fat or something else then you really should pick up the report and read it from start to end and learn how to lose weight – especially because it’s free if you don’t like it.