Fear of giving birth? You should read this (right now)

fear of giving birth?

Fear of giving birth? A lot of women who have caesarean section get it without a medical reason and the number is growing.

More and more get the fear of giving birth or the natural birth with painful contractions, ruptures and stitching.

Once it was fatal for both mother and child to undergo pregnancy and childbirth. The mother risked bleeding to death or get life-threatening infections. If there were birth complications, there was a great risk that the baby died or was injured for life.

Any risks?

Today virtually no new moms in the western world die during childbirth, and infant mortality has been reduced considerably. Even children, who come into the world several months premature, have a good chance of survival – and live well by getting the proper care.

Yet many new moms to be, are terrified of child birth and the pain and the complications it causes. Most women are afraid, anxious or even scared of pain, fear and birth especially in the weeks up to labor and it has probably always been like that. But it seems as if fear is a growing problem.

It is understandable that many have fear for what to come in the labor on the hospital, it is a rational anxiety or fear.

You are going to face a very great pain giving life to the baby and it’s no wonder that you have fear going through the coming thing. But research have found that fear actually can give a longer childbirth.

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The number of cesareans has increased. The largest increase has been among the cesarean which are made without medical reason because the woman wants it.

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Fear through the labor?

If you have fear of giving life through the labor, you may have to work systematically and find out what kind of feeling you have.

Is it because it is uncontrollable?

Is the fear because of the physical pain?

Are you afraid to be sewn or fear that something will happen to the baby or your health?

Talk to your midwife about it. There is no fear that a midwife has not heard about when it comes to childbirth.

Remember that women have nature on their side: Women’s health are built for labor.

Conception of a nanny is one thing, but giving birth is something entirely else.

Can you prepare?

How can you prepare for something you don’t have the faintest idea about?

Something you’ve heard other women talk about?

Women, who have already given birth, clearly have an advantage, though no two births are the same and even anxiety after giving birth exist.

It is true that the second time you give birth to a baby you know more about what can happen, but it can also mean that you get the fear of childbirth even more.

Nervousness before labor is also a way of getting ready for the birth. Whether you’ve done it before or not, it is quite natural to fear giving birth to your baby; it’s is a way to prepare yourself.

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How to Overcome Birth Fears

Here are some suggestions on how to overcome fear of giving birth or prepare for the labor so you don’t go into panic:

  • Read up on ideas for easy labor.
  • Talk to your midwife. Especially if you’re really nervous of giving life to your baby.
  • Birth Plan. Prepare an action plan. Start by asking yourself the following questions and always base your questions on the type of person you are.
  • How do I hope that the labor will be?
  • Are you a person who prefers to keep control?
  • Or does it matter?
  • How do you normally react to pain?
  • What do you think about pain relief?
  • What kind of pain relief do you want?

By asking yourself specific questions, it is easier to find out how you want the labor to take place. You can for example decide that you will get by with relaxation techniques.

  • Visit the delivery room. It helps many women, because when something is completely unknown, then it easily comes out of proportion.
  • Read about labor.
  • Talk with other moms but be selective. It is true that you can find out a lot by listening to other women’s stories of childbirth, but if they all had contractions for three days, received 1,000 stitches and lost a lot of blood after giving birth, they will not be very useful for getting rid of your fear.

Terrified of Birth

If you are absolutely terrified of giving birth, perhaps because you have had a difficult birth before, then you should immediately consult your midwife about it.

If it’s not enough to talk to her, you could consult a counselor who is trained to help women who are afraid of giving birth.

The Fear Disappears

Giving birth is often described in terms such as “amazing” and “intense” to “never again” and “I thought I was going to die.”

It may be comforting to know that the moment the contractions start, then fear disappears.

The body is created to bear children. It helps you. Afterwards you have forgotten a lot of what happened. What you remember most, is the first time you met your newborn child.