Fever Scout wireless thermometer patch

Keep constant track of your child’s fever with the Fever Scout wireless thermometer patch

  • Pro: Wireless Integration for Out-of-Room Updates
  • Pro: Record Digital Symptoms and Share With Doctor
  • Pro: Syncs with Smart Phone for Fever Alerts

Dealing with sick children is mind-numbingly painful for 2 reasons. First, it’s tough watching your child grin and bear the debilitating feelings of illness.  And second, monitoring his temperature can be exhausting. Which is why the Fever Scout Wearable wireless thermometer is one of the most functional thermometers available.

Fever Scout, soft, wearable, Smart Thermometer, continuously measure temperature, accurate, medical grade, FDA cleared, remote monitoring on smartphone
  • Soft, flexible, wearable patch that gently adheres to your skin using medical grade adhesives.
  • Continuous remote monitoring that tracks your temperature seamlessly.
  • Rechargeable battery and portable charger lets you access Fever Scout when you need it.

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Non-wearable thermometers are the thermometers you’re most familiar with. They’re either probe thermometers, ear and forehead thermometers, or no contact baby thermometers. And although many of these thermometers have their own special talents, none of them can seamlessly send constant temperature readings to your smart phone.

Each one of these examples needs the parent or guardian to get our of bed in the middle of the night, and to forcefully wake up the toddler, and take his temperature. And when you’re child is finally sleeping while harboring a disease, waking him up is the last thing you’ll want to do. But you need to know how temperature.
Which is why wearable or smart thermometers are becoming more and more popular. They can wirelessly send you constant updates, without having to wake up the child. Their patches are accurate, so you know you’re getting the best information. The TempTraq is another wearable thermometer, that scored well in our staff.
So although they’re relatively new to the market, wearable thermometers are an excellent options. And here’s an in depth review on the Fever Scout wireless thermometer patch.


Review Of Fever Scout Wearable Smart Thermometer

Worried your child might have a fever? Help is now at hand thanks to a cunning new invention developed by New Deal Design and VivaLnk, a pair of San Francisco companies who devote themselves to developing solutions to problems you never even knew you had.

The Fever Scout is a soft wearable thermometer that continuously monitors the temperature of whatever it is stuck on, then sends the information wirelessly to your smartphone. As a result, you can check your child’s temperature in the middle of the night by simply looking at your phone, making childcare as easy as Instagram.

Until now, monitoring your kid’s temperature has been clumsy and awkward, poking things in their ears, sticking things under their tongues, or even dragging things across their foreheads.


The Fever Scout changes all that. Not much bigger than a sticking plaster, and designed as a colourful swooshy zigzag, the rechargeable device simply sticks to your child’s torso and sends a continuous stream of temperature data to you via Bluetooth. You can even set a temperature alert, so it will wake you if it gets too high. The temperature history is stored on the app too, so you can monitor recovery time and the effectiveness of drugs (as well as see when your child has cleverly removed the patch and stuck it on the radiator to get a day off school).

No need to be a helicopter parent when you can strap a smart thermometer to their arm pits. Fever Scout utilizes a colorful Temperature patch. This patch keeps minute-by-minute track of the child’s temperature reading. That temperature reading is then relayed through BlueTooth technology to the Fever Scout app.

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Fever Scout app?

The app is also programmable. Set it up to give you alerts when the child has reached a specific temperature. And when that temperature is reached, you can act accordingly so that your child will not feel harmed.

And not only is the app programmable, but it will also offer suggestions on what type of care you child needs, depending on his or her symptoms.

The Fever Scout App lets you create notes to log in fever causes, symptoms, medication, and treatments. Which is common information asked by doctors. When you create the note Fever Scout App stamps the time and child’s temperature so you can easily track how well your child is doing. This is very useful to monitoring the effectiveness of treatment.

The charging dock acts as a BLE extender so by leaving it on their bedside table to extend BLE range up to 131ft enough to monitor anywhere around the home. But if you can’t stay at home but have a caretaker you can turn on the remote monitoring feature of your child’s profile which lets you monitor their temperature anywhere.


Getting the patch set-up is fairly easy, too. It’s a low maintenance technology due to the fact that it uses Bluetooth 4.1, which means it does not use as much power as many other Bluetooth devices. And even though the charging case is really convenient, you really only have to use it once every 7 days. The manual for the Fever Scout says that you can wear the patch continuously for 1-3 days. For adult however, you might probably want to replace the adhesive once a day to make sure it sticks.

Overall, the Fever Scout is an excellent smart thermometer that works with your smart phone, to help every concerned parent keep constant track of his or her child’s wellbeing. An alternative might be the TempTraq intelligent baby fever monitor with wireless alerts.

So although there’s a generational divide between the elders, suggesting that technology has deteriorated our social values, many would suggest otherwise.  By helping to improve how we care for our children, to make our doctors and physicians more involved with the health of our children, we’re helping to improve the overall health and well-being fur the future generation.

So avoid the fuddy-duddies, and embrace the new and improved smart thermometers that help improve how we care for babies and children.

Fever Scout, soft, wearable, Smart Thermometer, continuously measure temperature, accurate, medical grade, FDA cleared, remote monitoring on smartphone


  • Get alerted immediately when fever spikes
  • Continuously monitor temperature by receiving data on mobile device
  • Easily share information with your doctor
  • Whether you’re in another room or city be able to remotely monitor their temperature anywhere
  • It’s easy to use and great for kids scared of getting their temperature measured

  • It frequently gets disconnected from the app, doesn’t reconnect automatically, and the app doesn’t alert you when connection is lost
  • Result might be inaccurate sometimes


Final Thoughts

Fever Scout is really a great device for any caregiver to have on hand. It has a lot of benefits and applications. Parents with sick kids, caregivers for cancer patients, women who are monitoring their body temperature for fertility reasons — there are really endless possibilities for uses.