First signs of pregnancy? Get tips about the signs here

first signs of pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is a serious issue for any woman out there.

It has enormous implications for you and for your family. This is why women often look out for the first signs of pregnancy before missed period to determine whether they are pregnant or not.

Unfortunately, many women still wait until they have missed their periods to determine whether they are pregnant or not. This is because these women do not yet know which first signs of pregnancy they should be looking for apart from their missed period. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of these signs for you as shown below.

Tingling and Prickling Nipples

This sign is noticeable within a week of conception.

It is due to pregnancy hormones activated after you have conceived within your womb. These hormones increase the supply of blood to your breast thereby causing a tingling sensation around the nipples.

This sign becomes less and less noticeable as your pregnancy progresses. This is because your nipples become used to the increased blood flow.

Nipples Darken More Than Usual

This change is just part of the overall skin changes that your body begins to experience during your pregnancy. This change usually occurs some weeks after conception.

It may begin happening before or after the missed period depending on the unique physiological and hormonal make up of your body. The circle of skin around your nipples gets darker as time goes. Bumps may also begin to appear around your nipples.

Moreover, your nipples may begin to become more erect than usual. Your breasts may also swell up and become sensitive to touch. Snooki, the Jersey Shore casemate has been extremely vocal about the changes to her breast since her pregnancy. You should therefore not be ashamed that your changes come in early. It happens to every woman when they become pregnant.

You may also Begin to Feel Sick More Often Than Usual

This is one of the most common symptoms of early pregnancies. It is actually an onset of morning sickness though this common term for early pregnancy sickness is misleading.

This type of sickness can affect you at any time of the day including mornings, evenings and afternoons.

Feelings of Fatigue may Overcome You at Times

It is important to note that a pregnancy alters the female body in very many ways.

Feelings of fatigue and nausea normally come after these body changes begin. You should also expect feelings of emotional distress and increasing erratic mood swings.

You should however not worry since these are all changes brought about by the pregnancy and are not of your own doing. Amy Poehler, from the Saturday Night Live cast actually lamented in an interview with USA Today that she cried all the time during her pregnancy.

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Increased Appetite and Craving for Certain Foods

These new cravings are just a physiological reaction by your body to get the nutrients and energy that is needs.

It is also a way in which women may decide to cope with all the emotional stress that comes with a pregnancy.

The craving can begin early since hormones initiate changes to the body as soon as conception occurs. It could be that these changes are more intense in you and as such, your cravings and improved appetite has already begun. Natalie Portman, one of the main actors in the film, ‘V for Vendetta’ bitterly complained about her increased weight during her pregnancy.

These are the early signs of pregnancy before a missed period. Try to recognize if any of these signs apply to you and if they do then do not fret much about it since babies are a blessing in our lives.