The Best Food That Increase Metabolism

The Best Food That Increase Metabolism

Everybody need to eat and of course is eating a good thing for losing weight because foods give you high metabolism. But you should eat foods that increase metabolism weight loss and besides eating the metabolism food you should also exercise for the best way to shedding those pounds.

If you like meat and even though there are a lot of vegetarians around, most of us still like to eat meat because the human race are born as meat eaters but to lose weight you should eat the lean meat.

Turkey is very lean and is probably the best lean meat to eat even though chicken is almost as good. Stay away from the fatty meat and stick to turkey and chicken. Use vegetables at the side or cook some potatoes instead of fries and if you need sauce stick to low-fat.

But besides meat you probably want to eat a bit more, and your health and teeth would probably suffer bad if you didn’t, so you need to find food that improve metabolism and stay away from food that lower metabolism.

Here you get some of the drinks or food that increase metabolism and weight loss which everybody should have included in their daily diet.


6 Food Metabolism Boosters

GREEN TEA – Contains a group of substances called Catechins. Catechins are very useful to boost your metabolism even more than caffeine some say. Drink 3-4 cups each day if your metabolism isn’t working and Green tea doesn’t contain calories so it won’t do any harm at all.

COFFEE – Contains caffeine and is an efficient way to increase the metabolism and boost it. When the body get used to the caffeine, the effect will vanish. You could kick the metabolism a bit by drinking coffee before exercise.

NUTS – Those who eat 60-80gram of nuts each day eat less in general and
have a higher metabolic and nuts is one of the best fats food that change metabolism for weight loss

CHILI – If you eat chili an hour before exercise, it will increase body fat burning with 30-40%. Chili has a high impact on your metabolism also when you rest. To get the best out of chili regarding weight loss, eat chili with other foods that boost the metabolism for instance protein.

C VITAMINS – Those who get enough c-vitamins will burn 30% more fat during light exercise than those who don’t get enough c-vitamins. Not enough of the vitamin will give more belly fat and fat in general.

GARLIC – Is a natural antibiotic that regulates the blood sugar, lowers levels of insulin and increases the metabolism.

Besides the food listed, you should consider vegetables that are low carb nutrition and essential if you want to burn fat. But besides from the food intake there is a lot of other ways to boost your metabolism.

Stay away from sweets like energy drinks, coca cola and other soda’s because these soft drinks are sugar bombs, and they will do no good for you metabolism. Even though soda’s and sweets do taste damn nice, you need to quit them all together if you want to slim down.

The most important part for losing weight is taking action and use the ways to boost your metabolism right away.