Different types of foods to avoid during pregnancy

foods to avoid during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, the food that you eat influences the health of your child, possibly for a lifetime.

The beverages and foods during pregnancy that you take on a daily basis may be dangerous to your developing baby so getting the right healthy tips for pregnancy is important for your health.

The basis of your pregnancy diet should be formed by fruits and vegetables, lean meat, low-fat dairy products as well as legumes. However, there are various foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Undercooked or Raw Animal Foods

Under cooked animal products such as the raw oyster, rare meat, unpasteurized eggs, cake dough, sushi and clams may have a lot of viruses, bacteria and parasites.

To minimize the risk of food borne diseases especially as pregnant, it is essential to test the doneness of poultry, fish and meat using a food thermometer. Ensure that you cook the eggs until they aren’t runny anymore. Avoid taking raw dough by following baking instructions.

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Hot dogs, Unpasteurized Dairy Products and Luncheon Meat

These types of foods are usually prone to bacteria known as listerisa monocytogenes, which is the cause of listeriosis, a condition that may cause a stillbirth, miscarriage or other serious health conditions.

Other sea foods and processed meats which may also contain listeria include meat spreads, refrigerated pates as well as refrigerated smoked sea foods such as the trout, whitefish, salmon, tuna, cod or mackerel.

It is important for pregnant women to avoid the fluid from the hot dog packages on utensils or even other foods. They should also avoid dairy products and raw milk made from milk that is unpasteurized during pregnancy.

Certain Fish and Seafood

The large fishes such as the shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish contain high concentration of mercury; this interferes with the normal development of the fetus brain as well as the nervous system.

Fish that is caught during sport fishing in streams, ponds, and lakes may also contain industrial pollutant that mat interfere with the development of the nervous system.

Sprouts of Raw Vegetable

According to the FDA, raw sprouts such as clover, alfalfa and radish are dangerous to everyone irrespective of whether they are pregnant or not. This is due to the fact that bacteria usually gets into the sprout seeds and it becomes nearly impossible to wash them out. It is for this reason that pregnant women should avoid eating foods that has raw sprout added.

Alcohol (wine, spirits and beer)

Among the drinks to avoid is alcohol as it takes away nutrients and oxygen from the developing cells and thus prevent the normal development of the fetus. Alcohol has a permanent effect on the physical growth and intellectual abilities of the baby.

Unpasteurized Juices

Juices such as cider that are bought from the roadside may contain germs such as E coli. Therefore, you should check label to ensure that the juice is pasteurized.

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Caffeine which is mostly found in coffee, energy beverages and soft drinks may cause miscarriages, minimizes birth weight and stillbirth. However, there have not been enough studies on the same. There are also suggestions that pregnant women should avoid large quantities of herbal tea.