What happens if baby drinks old formula? (Serious or Not)

what happens if baby drinks old formula

Parenting is an art. If your baby is less than two years old, you will have to be very watchful because this is the time when he is growing up and when his immune system wouldn’t be as strong as you would like it to be.

There is one common mistake that even the most alert mothers commit these days. It is nothing but feeding old formula to their babies. The minute they realize their folly, they blame their partners, and they blame themselves as well. They start feeling guilty, and they start worrying about their baby’s health.

Quite natural for a mother, isn’t it? However, here, we are going to see if it is indeed a serious problem when a baby drinks old formula.

What is “old” formula?

According to pediatricians and parents all over the world, any formula that is fed to the baby after about 2 hours of its preparation is considered to be old or spoiled. There are two reasons for this theory.

Firstly, when a formula remains in the open for a long time, it gets spoiled because of the bacteria, Enterobacter Sakazakii. Many studies have been conducted in the department of infant health to prove that these bacteria are very dangerous and also can turn fatal for kids with existing medical conditions, premature kids and kids whose immune system hasn’t been developed fully.

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Vomiting & Diarrhea

One of the main side effects, when a baby drinks old formula, is vomiting.

When your baby throws up, don’t get tensed. Your baby’s stomach didn’t accept the spoiled food; therefore, it gets out of his system. Most of the babies throw up once or twice before they become alright.

In some cases, the puking may continue, and it may result in fever. This is when you need to seek medical help, without any delay.

Diarrhea is another common symptom to find out if your baby has consumed old formula or not.

When your baby experiences dysentery or diarrhea, he will look exhausted and dehydrated. You need to ensure that you feed him water at regular intervals to make him feel better.

Once the toxins are flushed out of his system, he will be perfectly alright. Hence, if you have fed him old formula by mistake, you don’t have to panic. You need to be patient and just observe the frequency of vomiting & diarrhea to know when you have to seek medical help.

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What can you do?

If there is any old formula remaining, you have to throw it immediately so that you or your partner would not make the mistake of feeding it to your baby. Also, if you’re entrusting your baby with a daycare provider, you have to label the formula bottles with the timing during which they were prepared so that it becomes easier to feed the earliest ones first. You have to practice this at home as well, to avoid all kinds of risk of your baby eating old formula.

Having said all of these, we must also tell you that most of the babies don’t fall sick even when they eat old formula, especially if the formula was prepared 12 hours or lesser before feeding.