Health Benefits of Eggs and Weight Loss

Health Benefits of Eggs and Weight Loss

Have you ever tried the best way to kick start your energy, by eating first thing in the morning?

If you have had a good long night’s sleep, then it means you have not eaten anything for about eight hours.

Your body has been resting, repairing and replenishing strength. Even it is a good one, but during this time, your metabolism also has been less active. This isn’t necessarily you have been asleep.

It is fact that whether you are asleep or not, your circadian rhythm plays a role in how fast your metabolism functions.  Even if you don’t have a set sleeping routine, your metabolism tends to gear down at night.

It makes perfect sense that by eating health full meal, consisting of an assortment of foods as soon as you wake up, your metabolism goes into overdrive.

What better way to lose weight and what better way to load up energy?

In fact, numerous studies show that people who eat breakfast tend to lose weight quicker than those who skip it and that’s why you should check the health benefits of eggs and weight loss and why eggs are the best choice you could make for your healthy food.


The Benefits of Eggs Make it the Best Food for Breakfast

In order to gain energy and lose weight, eggs are best one when compared to all other breakfast dishes.

Some experts insisting that, eggs weren’t very nutritious, and that if you must eat an egg by all means skip the egg yolk. Updated research shows that, this just is not true.

Logic dictated that, egg yolks must be harmfully to your body because of the exorbitant amount of cholesterol they contain. However new research shows that egg yolks are good for you.

The health benefits of egg yolk are great even though they are indeed full of cholesterol, but that means they are chocked- full of other goodies that can work in favor weight-wise and energy-wise. Mike Geary have written a great article “the truth about eggs yolks” which you should read.

Eating a few eggs a day can provide you with better insurance than a daily multi vitamin.


The Health Benefits of Eggs for Weight Loss Regarding Breakfast

Everyone would agree that one medium egg a day can do wonders for your weight loss efforts.

Besides being packed with cholesterol egg yolks come loaded with extremely healthy components such as various carotenoids, iron, two types of essential fatty acids, calcium and vitamins E, D and K.

Iron is the one nutrient that many Americans especially women lack in their diets. Eating eggs, especially egg yolks, can prevent or treat iron deficiency.

Vitamin D is linked to weight loss as well as the strengthening of bones. Carotenoids are a form antioxidant. These particular anti-oxidants are beneficial to the human eye.

Research shows that they have been linked to preventing age-related macular degeneration. The two essential fatty acids found in egg yolks are DHA and arachidonic acid.

DHA is beneficial to your brain and retinal function, while arachidonic, acid is essential to the proper growth of your skin and hair as well as your reproductive system.


What Makes Egg Good for Breakfast

An important contributor to energy is choline which is also found in the yolk of an egg. Choline is an essential nutrient that is often grouped with the B vitamins.

Though it is not exactly clear how this chemical works within our system, its effects on the brain are quite notable.

Choline plays an important role in the development of the brain, particularly for small children, and fetuses, but it is also recommended for adults to boost focus and concentration, among other things. This nutrient cannot be produce by your body.  So, it is imperative to eat foods containing it.


Eggs – The Protein Rich Breakfast

The eggs are a good source of protein is something we all know, but it also should be noted that they contain the most varied amino acids.

As we know proteins can vary because they are formed by any of 22 amino acids. They are not all created equal. By eating eggs on regular basis, you will be doing your body a favor by enriching it with several different types of protein. Though egg whites have been recommended as the healthiest part of an egg for the longest time, new research shows that, they actually contain more potassium, sodium and unnecessary fats in them than do egg yolks.

Where energy is concerned though, egg whites are perhaps your best pet. How?

They have a very high content of albumen. This is a type of protein.

Albumen is instantly absorbed by your body. It doesn’t need to be broken down and reformed into other forms of protein. Therefore it acts as an instant source of energy. And that’s exactly what you need first thing in the morning an instant energy boost when most of us would rather hit the snooze button on the alarm clock a few times before grudgingly starting the day.


Fat in Egg Helps for Weight Loss

We all know that eggs are having high content of cholesterol. But it is not an issue to fix, when it comes to for weight loss even though you should take responsibility for your cholesterol level.

The British egg industry council reported that most people who ate up to two eggs a day haven’t experienced any significant overall increase in cholesterol. It is well known that eggs contribute to a person’s weight loss efforts.

At only 80 calories each, eggs are a low calorie food with endless nutritional value. It is advisable that eggs should be consumed raw for maximum benefit.

Even though there is no research to back up, some experts will advise that drinking raw egg yolks brings forth a set of benefits to a human body for instance weight loss.

As for egg white consuming them raw can actually harm you. Uncooked egg whites contain several ant nutrients, one of them being “avidin”, which is a glycoprotein that binds to biotin. The biotin is then unable to be absorbed by your body. This is bad news since biotin contributes greatly to the maintenance of your glucose as well as the synthesis of the fatty acids you ingest.

It is notable that eating raw egg white reduces your protein digestion from 90% to about 35%.


Boiled Egg and Weight Loss

The ideal kind of egg you want to eat to boost your energy and encourage weight loss is a hard-boiled egg. Just boil, peel, possibly season- with sea salt and pepper, may be some curry powder – and devour. But, what if you are the type of person who doesn’t like hard – boiled eggs?

Some peoples are put off by the distinct, pungent odor of boiled eggs though that doesn’t affect the taste. For this case pan-fried egg could be best too. Though perhaps not as a nutritious as a hard-boiled egg, pan-fried egg can provide you with just as many nutrients.

You can make your fried egg more nutritious by frying it using coconut oil or olive oil instead of butter.

To make your fried egg more flavorful season it with curry powder and some ground black pepper. Again, avoid adding table salt, since it’s loaded with sodium and has numerous counterproductive effects on your body, especially related to your weight loss.


Egg Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss

There are different kinds of recipes available to help for weight loss. Fried egg is a simple recipe that we can prepare easily. To make your fried egg more favorable, you can season it with ground black pepper and curry powder. You might also like an omelet.  If you want to cook your eggs into an omelet, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Add some veggies to your omelet, preferably green ones, to increase your protein and fiber intake.  Also if you plan to top your omelet with cheese, be sure to stay away from American cheese.  It’s the worst kind of cheese you can consume.

Instead try some pepper jack cheese. It’s a lot more nutritious and it will give your meal more varied taste.


Egg Varieties for Weight Loss

Though it might appear that any egg would be nutritious, no matter what Kind or where it, comes from, it might benefit you to know that not all eggs are equally healthy. It’s generally alright to eat any eggs. They all contain most of the same components and nutrients. However eggs from grass –fed poultry, are the best ones for you.

I know you are tempted to run over to the local grocery store and pick up and old dozen of eggs, but remember the most important why you want to include eggs in your diet is to boost your energy and lose weight.

Pastured hens, ones that were allowed to feed on natural grass and insects, yield eggs that are lower in cholesterol, higher in certain amino acids and contain none of the chemicals that they would otherwise. Hens that were bred and fed in extremely confined areas are often sickly and lack the appropriate amount of nutrients that they would otherwise get from eating insects and natural plants.

If that’s not enough they are also fed with hormone infused grains, and traces of this hormones can then be found in eggs.

One important vitamin that is greatly increased in eggs that come from pastured hens is vitamin D. hens who are free to eat and live outside have unlimited access to sunlight, which is their source of vitamin D.

if you truly want to make eggs count as a supplement to your new, healthier diet pick up some organic eggs from formers market or a natural food store which is the best way to have maximum benefits of eggs regarding to your health and also your egg diet for weight loss.

You should check out the video below from natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola where he discuss a study from 2013 about eggs, it is very informative about the good and bad sides of eggs.