Healthy Low Calorie Breakfast? Get the Benefits and Ideas to Incorporate

healthy low calorie breakfast

Maintaining a low calorie breakfast has many benefits. As opposed to the usual thinking that a low calorie breakfast is not that good.

Studies have shown that maintaining a healthy low calorie breakfast will spike more nutritional values that is full in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

In addition, one gets to attain an improved concentration and focus throughout the day, strength, among others. Generally, taking a healthy breakfast is important no matter if you’re looking for the quick healthy breakfast or not.

This article highlights the benefits of taking a healthy low calorie breakfast and some of the ideas to incorporate the diet.


What is a healthy low calorie breakfast?

From the name, that breakfast has more or complete healthy low calorie foods. These foods are diverse as they can be fruits, meat, veggies, and nuts, among others.

  • This type of breakfast is usually complicated for most however, it is the simplest diet to make, maintain as well.
  • When someone is busy, there are those foods that never require any cooking. For instance yoghurt, and protein bars and shakes.
  • They are normally referred as healthy since less calorie will lead to less obese people, less cardiovascular diseases, among others.
  • They are easy to acquire as mostly fruits and veggies fall in this category


Benefit of maintaining a healthy breakfast

There are many benefits when you incorporate this type of diet into your nutritional plans. Below are some of the associated benefits.

  • Most people who incorporate a low calorie diet have been found to maintain their weight, or generally witness general weight loss
  • Such conditions such as diabetes can be prevented or controlled
  • A healthy low calorie breakfast will make you full throughout the day until the next meal
  • The foods are easy to acquire
  • Various vitamins are prevalent in most of the foods leading to improved vision, controlled blood sugar levels and controlled blood pressure
  • They are easy to prepare for a quick fix in case you are busy or late for work, school, etc.
  • The foods are always full of healthy proteins found in the lean meats and eggs
  • The breakfast leads to energized day that leads to focus as well

Healthy breakfast foods

  • You can take some waffle sandwich made from frozen whole grain mixed with peanut butter, almond butter or sunflower seed butter, and maybe a low-fat yogurt
  • Hot cocoa or chocolate milk taken with whole grain toast, including a fruit that maybe be an orange
  • Boiled or scrambled eggs
  • Some banana smoothie from a medium banana blended with vanilla extract and a cup of milk
  • Roasted beef roll-up served with cheese
  • Plain low fat yogurt or Greek yoghurt
  • California rasins, Walnuts and molasses or honey
  • Almonds



Breakfasts is a very important meal for one to have a great day. Incorporating a healthy breakfast will make you full, provide you with much energy, and improve on your focus throughout the day. Apart from that, it has some health benefits as well.

It will lead to low cholesterol in your blood hence fewer chances of cardiovascular diseases. Generally, a low calorie diet has weight loss properties which you can read alot more about in your article about healthy recipes weight loss