8 High calorie healthy foods you might want to include in the diet

high calorie healthy foods

Just because a certain class of food is healthy is not a guarantee that this class of food is not fattening. It is important to know that some food that is very nutritious have high calorie counts.

Considering the fact that calories are usually energy, most of natural food or even health foods are high in energy. This means that, animals that actually eat this type of food may be quickly nourished.

It is important that as you keep a watch on nutritional level of the food you take to consider calorie counts of the food you actually take. Here are 8 high calorie healthy foods you might want to consider when you are choosing healthy foods for your way to lose weight.

Nuts and Seeds

This type of food is usually rich in protein, has “good” fats, as well as antioxidants.

Nuts should be considered as a spectacular addition actually to any diet only when eaten in small amount.

Usually, ½ cup of macadamia nuts is about 470 calories. Therefore, you should avoid excessive intake of nuts.

Dried Fruit

Most of dried fruits are usually dusted with sugar that only increases the already-impressive amount basically of calories that is found in these dehydrated weaknesses.

Normally, a cup of dried fruits has around 335 calories. ¼ cup usually of dried raisins has 108 calories. This means that mixed dried fruits are actually high calorie health foods and you should consider the amount you take into your body.


They have an average of 275 calories mostly for a medium-size fruit. Normally, avocados are 75 % fat and albeit actually the “good” fat.

These types of foods are also packed normally with nutrients. However, they are considered to be high calorie health foods which should be carefully taken to avoid adding a layer of fat in your body.

Salad with dressing

It is important to know that lettuce is not a threat but rather dressing. Also, oil-based culprits are actually of high threat just as any other salad dressing.

You should ensure that you use less dressing. You may use lemon juice in case you have prepared your own salads. You can also skip the salad dressing altogether.


This type of food contains sugar, nuts, oil and also other tasty ingredients.

This delicious breakfast is actually a healthy high calorie food that have about 500 calories in a single cup before adding milk. It is therefore wise to use it mostly as topping rather than a base actually for the next meal.

Peanut Butter

It is a healthy diet that is low in cholesterol. It is also a source of protein. Peanut butter has about 100 calories actually per tablespoon. It should therefore be taken in moderation.


This type of food contains calcium as well as protein. However, cheese is loaded actually with saturated fat. Normally, a single ounce can have between 72 calories and 127 calories. Therefore, you should not take a lot of cheese


When cooked, this rice usually delivers about 222 calories in a single cup. It should therefore be taken in moderation to avoid weight gain which may result if quinoa is taken in excess.