How to get rid of stretch marks fast? (Get the truth)

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

If you want to know how to get rid of stretch marks fast, you first to need to know a few important things about the annoying stretch marks.

Stretch marks can happen due to rapid weight gain and it happens both for men and women. It happens more common for women for the simple fact that majority of stretch marks comes from pregnancy which change the woman’s hormone secretion quite significantly and will for many women lead to skin alterations.

These quite often disappear after birth, but there are exceptions. One of these is stretch marks – striae gravidarum.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are injuries that occur in the body’s subcutaneous tissue. They appear at first as pink to blue-violet streaks or bands. The stripes involve the stretching of the elastic fibers in the skin. These fibers do not regain their elasticity, which means that in most cases is about lasting changes in the skin.

Stretch marks are reported to occur in up to 90% of all pregnant women towards the end of pregnancy.

Stretch marks are more common among younger women, women with large babies and obese women.

Non-whites and women with pre-existing stretch marks on the breast or legs also have  an increased risk of getting the stretch marks. Stretch marks  “run in the Family” – if your mother has stretch marks there is an increased risk that you get them as well.

Stretch marks can form anywhere on the body but occurs most likely in places where larger amounts of fat are stored. Stretch marks occur commonly in the following parts of the body:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Breasts
  • Forearms & Upper arms
  • Legs

Even though stretch marks are an annoying thing to get, you need to know there are absolute no health risk to stretch marks.

Fast Weight Loss

There are many causes of the stretch mark condition. This includes physical factors like stretching of the skin and hormonal factors with effects of steroids from the adrenal glands, estrogen and relaxin on the skin’s elastic fibers.

Can Stretch Marks be Prevented?

There is no panacea that can remove stretch marks, but it may be prevented by using home remedies for stretch marks like a healthy diet because the skin is added vitamins which can help maintain a healthy, elastic and strong skin.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E is important for a healthy skin, which is why a diet rich in vegetables and fruit is a good idea for you.

The skin also needs essential fatty acids which can be acquired through fatty fish and if you might be a person who hate fish you need to take fish supplements.

To sum it up for eating a varied diet: The skin is kept healthy by eating a balanced diet with essential oils such as fish oil and evening primrose oil. Also, vitamin E, iodine, sulfur and zinc keeps the skin healthy

Tobacco smoking is a bad idea if you want healthy skin, so if you smoke this might be the reason for you to quit besides all the other health benefits.

Even though moisturizer doesn’t remove stretch marks, the skin should be softened and kept supple by the use of fat creams

If you are pregnant, especially baby oil is recommended because 75-90% of all women develop to a certain degree stretch marks during pregnancy (striae gravidarum).

The acquired hormonal levels as a result of pregnancy means that stretch marks usually occur in pregnancy month  6 or 7, which is the time where the skin is extended the most.

Some research has shown that the product tretinoin (Aberela) can attenuate the development of stretch marks. This is the stretch marks that are less than six weeks old and still pink or red in color. Tretinoin can be harmful to the fetus and should not be used in pregnancy at any time.

Can Stretch Marks be Treated?

There is no effective treatment against arisen stretch marks if you wonder about if stretch marks go away. Many things have been tried, but common to them is that they are nonspecific and the lack of scientific evidence that they work.

Tretinoin (Aberela) as indicated might be able to help a little, but it requires as indicated above, that stretch marks are fresh – less than six weeks old and under no circumstances should be used by pregnant women.

Physical activity and exercise prevents obesity and helps to tighten the skin. Regular exercise and will therefore make stretch marks less visible.

Laser treatment is one of the only options but the downside is the price because it can be expensive and if you consider this options, you should do your research of where to do it, so you don’t end up with somebody not knowing what they are doing.

So What to Do to Get rid of Stretch Marks Fast?

As you if you didn’t knew it already, stretch marks are hormone-related ruptures under your skin.

The down side about this fact is that when something is hormonal it will happen for you no matter what. No wonder mixture, cream or anything else which promise you to rub the stretch marks off, will help you I’m afraid.

If you have had success with stretch mark creams or had a friend who had success it was because the stretch marks haven’t happened before the wonder mixture were applied onto the skin or the cream simply just covered up the stretch marks, but the stretch marks are still there.

The only solution is using laser treatment but these treatments are very expensive and there are no proof you really want to get rid of the stretch marks guarantee it will actually work. If you really want to get rid of the stretch marks you might want to wait until you have given birth to children if you have such an idea in your life. The reason for this is stretch marks are hormone-related and has been once, you are hormonally predisposed and is also likely to get stretch marks next time.

Healthy lifestyle is what you should apply in your life and then try to either live with your stretch marks if they occurred, and use some cream to cover it up or the only solution if you want to get rid of stretch marks fast, is save money for the laser treatment.