How to Improve Metabolism in 6 Easy and Effective Ways!

How to Improve Metabolism in 6 Easy and Effective Ways!

how to improve metabolism and can you lose weight? Believe it or not but an active metabolism helps you lose weight faster!

Your calories are burned much faster, and you can easily keep excess weight off. It also builds up your immune system and does not let every seasonal virus or allergy infect you in easily.

A healthier and stronger metabolism leads to loads of health benefits, and it’s the best healthy way to lose weight also.

But the sad part is that most people do not know how EASY and SIMPLE it is to keep your metabolism working powerfully and smoothly. That is why I have charted out a list of six best ways how to improve metabolism – quickly and efficiently!


Eat 6-7 Small Meals a Day

Before we enhance the importance of eating frequent meals a day, let us tell you about the hunky Hollywood Actor Hugh Jackman who played the role of Jean Valjean in the multi-starter, big-budget movie ‘Les Miserables.’

He lost a lot of weight to match the older, emaciated look of his character. He says he drank less water to get the shrunken eyes that he had in the movie. He stayed off carbohydrates completely and rigorously worked out for three hours daily.

But he ate 6-7 regular meals during the shooting of that movie to maintain his weight and also for INCREASED energy and to “keep his metabolism going.”

The added benefit of having regularly scheduled small meals would be a higher control over unnecessary snacking and binge-ing.


Maintain Your Blood Sugar Levels for a Healthy Metabolism

Staying hungry for longer periods, skipping meals, eating fresh foods – all mess with your metabolism and destabilize your blood sugar levels. This disrupts your carbohydrate metabolism and causes your body to crave sugar. Once you pop something sweet to give in to that instant sugary demand, the whole vicious cycle repeats itself because as soon as your body experiences a ‘sugar high’ or sugar crash,’ you AGAIN want something to fill that ‘low.’

So, eat more frequently and stay off artificial sweeteners!


Move, Move & Move!

Don’t sit still for hours straight. Stretch at your desk and take a break every hour from work and walk around – even if it’s just to drink water.

More water is an added benefit as water flushes out the toxins from your body and improves your metabolism.


Exercise Regularly and Don’t Stray From Your Work-out Regime

Bonus Tip – For a burning a lot more calories and for an even more active metabolism, incorporate very high-intensity work-outs of 40 seconds in your regular cardio-aerobics exercise program.

If you’re running with medium intensity, then for every 3 minutes of running, take a 40 second high-intensity work-out break. It will make you burn calories LATER while sitting and even sleeping!


Sleeping Properly will Improve Metabolism

Sleeping earlier and for about 7-8 hours every night takes care of half the sluggish-metabolism and weight gain battles! If you sleep less, you are much more likely to overeat and have weight issues. Sleeping inadequately slows down your metabolism, makes you cranky and makes you much more inclined to snack on junk or unhealthy foods.

So, make sure to get proper shut-eye.


Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

Eat a good breakfast filled with healthy foods that stay in your body for longer and boost your metabolism at the same time. Have some lean protein combined with complex carbs and some healthy fats. Eggs, veggies, oats, low-fat muffins, toast, honey – all are good ideas that have the proper vitamins for the metabolism for a healthful breakfast.

A hearty breakfast is one of the fastest ways of improving your metabolism and kicking it into high-gear instantly!


Improve Metabolism by Drinking lots of Green Tea

If we start talking about the benefits of green tea, we may never be done! It fights all sorts of cancers; it combats weight gain, and it also boosts up your metabolism quickly and efficiently. So, drink up on this healthy tea instead of your regular cup of java and see the results.

You can and should implement all of these natural strategies to improve the metabolism in your life for the well-being, healthier lifestyle and a stronger you.

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