How to lose stubborn fat – 6 steps how to & focus on something else

How to lose stubborn fat the healthy way

There is good reason women are often fighting with 6 to 11 pounds and searching for ways how to lose stubborn fat.

These pounds are much harder to lose than the first 10.

Let’s start by getting the proportions in place:

If you are so lucky to weigh “only” 6 – 8 pounds more than you should you probably already live a reasonably healthy life and have a rather good idea about how to lose fat.

You exercise regularly, eat relatively healthy and varied and say no thanks if offered a cake – at least every other time.

You do not have a weight problem, but of course, it can annoy you that you can not get rid of the last stubborn pounds, now that you are doing everything right.

Some might call it a luxury problem, but for many women it is much harder to reduce the last stubborn-fat than having to lose 20, 30 or 50 pounds.

The explanation is that if you have a healthy starting point, you have fewer parameters in your lifestyle that you can adjust to achieve your weight loss. And that’s when it starts getting demanding.


Set the Bar High for Losing Stubborn Fat

Many men and women would like to lose some weight, live healthier and achieve their body ideal for many different reasons.

High ambitions that require significant lifestyle changes can give great results.

How to lose stubborn body fat require something extra though and often other things need to be considered not just your diet and exercise, but also sleep, relationships, work – in short, your life and your general wellbeing body.

Many women demand a lot of themselves in terms of their career, family life, health and body. It is probably why it is only the stubborn fat they need lose. So when it comes to ambitions it is important to look at your life right now to see what could be possible.

Is this the time where you should put in the effort on stubborn fat loss or is it better to relax, recharge and take care of some other relationships in your life?

You must count on spending a lot more time and effort to incorporate new habits into your daily life when you decide to get rid of those last pounds. And before you get started you must also make sure that your weight loss is not an “easy” diversion from other problems that might be more complicated and confusing to grab hold of.


Why are Those Last Pounds so Hard to Lose?

Are you ready to do battle and burn stubborn fat so you can fit your dream jeans and (maybe) finally be happy with your body, then you need to roll up your sleeves and carefully examine your eating patterns and your training.

Often there is one of three reasons why you can not lose the last stubborn fat:

  • You do not get enough carbohydrates compared to your training load. It is so fashionable to cut all carbs, and it is a great strategy for people who need to lose a lot of weight. But if you are fighting with a few pounds, you need carbohydrates to provide the effort in your practice; it will take for you to get rid of the last stubborn fat.
  • The body just refuses to let go of the last energy reserves, if it does not receive enough energy from the food that it needs for the extra training. Your body is crying out for more energy from your diet before it will wave goodbye to the fat storage so make sure you give your body what it needs.
  • Another typical reason the last pounds seem so stubborn is that you do not have much muscle mass. Again it’s about the body’s survival mechanisms. If you belong to the category of people defined as skinny fat, you must be built up muscle mass before the body will let go of its fat. You need to build up muscle mass as an alternative to the energy that the body stores in fat. You will typically experience a significant effect from weight training in your way to a healthy way to get skinny.



self deception can get your weight loss

Many women believe that they live super healthy and “right” all the time, but in reality they do it wrong 50 percent of the time. A major study about diet and lifestyle show that women tend to underreport 35 percent of the time. It means that you “forget” much of the stuff you actually eat during the day.

It is self-deception at a high level, and the best way to find out is to keep a journal.

Write down what you eat and how you live to get an accurate picture of what you are doing right – and what you are doing wrong.

Do you actually do the training you want to do?

Do you drink enough water?

Or do you eat a few more handfuls of nuts and pieces of chocolate every night, than you planned?

Also have a look at your sleep pattern. Do you get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep each night?

Quality Sleep is a quiet night in a cold, dark room without waking up frequently and going to bed. Best between 10 and 11 pm. All in all: get an overview of your habits.


New Habits – But Only One at a Time

Once you have an overview of what your problem is…

  • your diet
  • exercise type
  • that you may live less healthily than you think

it will be easier for you to get the way how you lose the stubborn fat no matter if its belly fat, thigh fat, back fat or just fat in general.

The strategy is to change only one habit at a time no matter what the cause of your extra pounds is.

You should use the same approach as in a scientific research which measures only one thing at a time.

If you change too many things in your life and lifestyle at the same time because you can’t know what actually works best.

You should also be aware of the fact that if move too fast in one direction you could experience lack of energy. The body will start to resist, and the brain will “overload” because of too many new things which will make it hard to maintain the ambitions.

Therefore, it is a good idea only to change one habit at a time. In that way, you can cheat your brain while you incorporate a new habit, for example going to bed earlier every day, drink ½ liter of water in the morning or avoid eating biscuits in the afternoon. A simple thing you can control a see if works.


Do Interval Training

do exercise to get rid of stubborn belly fat

When wanting to lose fat the healthy way, it is always a good idea to have a closer look at your training. Again, it is a good idea to change one thing and see what gives the best result. Maybe the problem is not that you exercise too little, but rather that you do not train the best way to boost your metabolism.

By changing your way of training, you also get a variety into you exercise that helps you are not getting bored.

A good general advice is to incorporate some interval training, especially if you are looking to burn stubborn fat and get rid of the little extra on the stomach.

Begin with 30 minutes of efficient interval-based training, for example on the rowing machine, running or swimming three times a week for a month and see what happens.

A super easy recipe for effective interval training is 5 × 3 minute quick and hard cardio training, for example, rowing / running / swimming with a minute of slow rowing / running / swimming in between.


Find Other Causes Than the 6 Pounds

Once you have an overview of how and to what extent you want to step up action against the last three or four pounds, here is perhaps the most important advice on how you can achieve your goals and be happy:

Find a completely different motivation than pounds and looks.

It’s a good idea to find relevant arguments for changing your lifestyle and trimming your stomach.

Many women suffer from a low self-esteem when it comes to body image, and the irritation and the extra pounds can become a scapegoat for other problems.

Many also forget that they may have a completely different body type than the ideal they are striving for.

It is better to focus on something where you can actually succeed, for example: learn to play tennis, to cycle a certain distance, do a certain number of sit-ups, etc.

It can also be about something else, for example, wanting a beautiful skin and a more beautiful, more lustrous hair.

It is a good idea to avoid calorie counting and self-torture in the gym, and look at other parameters of quality instead. It will keep you motivated and make you able to succeed with your way how to lose stubborn fat.

If you want to look sexy instead of dreaming about it, you need to do one thing…

Take action to achieve what you dream about.