How to Lose Weight without Diet and Exercise by Changes

How to Lose Weight without Diet and Exercise by Changes

Having a goal is the best healthy weight loss tips you ever can get.

I assume you have a goal for why you want to lose weight, and you might follow my tips and wrote the goal down on an on a piece of paper and putted it in your pocket?

If not then you should do it, even though it could seem a bit silly. That piece of paper is your contract with yourself, and when you are in front of the candy store or somewhere else that a little piece of paper will remind you of your goal:

I want to lose weight because “put in your goal here.”

How to lose weight without diet and exercise is best-achieved by having this goal. If you don’t want to do exercise or follow a diet, you need a new lifestyle and change the routines how you do things right now.


Go Public with Your Goal

To Have a no workout diet or just want to lose weight you need have your goal and next step is to go public with your goal.

Tell your husband/wife, kids, friends, coworkers, someone who will remember it and remind you of your goal.

Going public with your goal creates the kind of contract that is hard and embarrassing to break. The difference between dreaming and having a goal is taking action to achieve it, and the mindset is the key to how to burn fat without diet and exercise.

The only thing standing in your way, as always, is you! That’s one crucial factor that is in your control no matter what happens.

Can you lose weight without exercise? Yes, you can but your mindset has to be controlled and to do that, you have to change your daily routines.

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Change Routines

What is the best way to lose weight? First of all you need to ask yourself some questions and be honest with the answers: Do you drink soda every day?

Or eat candy in front of the television?

Just spend way too many hours sitting in front of the television?

Never make any exercise, and I don’t just mean running, cycling, the gym, etc. but even a 30 minutes’ walk?

Tell to yourself “I need help losing weight”?

Myself I spent way too many hours doing nothing, and I realized that besides an active goal to achieve success, I also had to change my daily routines and stick with it for the best steps to lose weight without diet and exercise.

One of the first things was being honest to myself and analyzes my bad habits who causing my weight gain instead of losing weight.

I found answers to my bad habits and have to admit I followed the program to learn all I could about how to lose weight, but you can lose weight without, you just need to learn to lose weight without diet and exercise by changing your daily routines. Most of the times it is down to your nutrition and how you eat.

You can also change all your bad daily routines right now, but consider one imperative thing…

Will it last?

Or will you return to the old routines in 14 days or a month because without diet and exercise you can easily fall back into old habits.

To make old habits go away start changing your bad routines slowly and have them implemented in your life.

For instance, if you drink soda every day, and I know it can be tough but think of your piece of paper with your end goal, and drink water instead of soda.

Next time you are in front of the soda store, visualize your goal and buy a water bottle instead of soda. Don’t go down the road and think Cola light, Pepsi max, etc. is the same as water because it isn’t, Light products are still soda and bad for weight loss.

When Saturday comes, and you haven’t had a soda the entire week, reward yourself with a soda.

Visualize your end goal and drink that ONE soda. It will probably taste rather good. This might sound like a piece of cake but change all habits at one time isn’t the best way how to lose weight without diet and exercise.

After a few weeks, you will have changed your bad routine with the soda example and implemented it without giving it any thoughts. It becomes normal to drink water instead of soda, and then you can change the next bad habit that’s in your way of what you want.

Start changing your bad routines with candy, soda and sugar slowly; visualize your end goal and that you are in control of the accomplished.

If you have a goal for why you want to lose weight, and the goal you just want/must have/get to do – then think of that goal 24/7 of your day and begin your journey to a better life. This could be a great way how to get abs without diet and exercise because if you slim down, you will start to lose belly fat when the fat layer is disappearing, and your six pack will start to show.

Remember to lose weight without diet and exercise is never going to be easy especially because working out is one of the best ways to burn calories but it can be done…