The Basic of How Low Carb Diets Work

The Basic of How Low Carb Diets Work

You might ask how low carb diets work because some of the most popular types of diet today are these low carb diets.

The philosophy of this type of diet of reducing bad carbohydrates, bad sugars and bad fats has caught the attention of the world since it challenges the long-held belief that diets with low fat help in loss of weight. However, those who support low carb diets criticize low fat diets by arguing that there are more people with obesity today than there were 30 years ago when it was first presented to the public.

According to them, this is caused by carbohydrates. They argue that carbohydrates contribute to obesity. The supporters also said that carbohydrates trigger hunger pangs since they are a powerful stimulant.

This misunderstanding about how various food ingredients function is clearly becoming a mistake since supporters of low fat diet are in fact compelled to take foods with high carbohydrate content.


How does Low Calorie Diets Work?

When you eat food rich in carbohydrates particularly those which are made of simple carbohydrates such as pasta, sugar, rice, potatoes or anything that contains refined flour, it triggers insulin production and secretion.

Insulin works in the body by causing rapid absorption of glucose, which is produced by carbohydrate digestion, by tissues for consumption of energy. Any excess glucose that is not consumed is converted into fat and stored.

When the levels of glucose in your body fall, the levels of insulin also drop.

The rapid increase in insulin followed by a rapid fall of the hormone is the cycle of a carbohydrate meal and it increases hunger pangs. It means that when you take a meal rich in carbohydrates, you will crave for more carbohydrates after just two to four hours. This is similar to a vicious cycle where you take carbohydrates, the body stores fat and you then eat more carbohydrates since you are hungry.

When you take a diet with low fat, you will gain weight and raise your levels of cholesterol, which is not great.

The explanations to support low carb diets are as real as those that try to show how low fat carb diets are beneficial.

By reducing or simply avoiding carbohydrates in your diet, you can be able to control your levels of insulin to a manageable level and therefore prevent the conversion of glucose into fat by insulin. This will in turn change your metabolism enabling you to use your stored fat as your energy source instead of glucose obtained from digestion of glucose. As a result, your body will burn fatter.

But as of now, there is no enough research done to support low carbohydrate diets when compared with low fat diets that have been there for some time. However as more and more research is being undertaken, it has become quite clear that diets with low carbohydrates indeed have numerous benefits to your body.

Some studies show that a low carb diet can even lower the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in the body. With so many benefits attributed to this type of diet, you have to give it a serious thought.