How Much Should You Eat to Lose Weight?

How much should you eat to lose weight

“Proteins are for strength; carbs for the energy and fat are forbidden” – This is how many diets sound for people who exercise.

But those diets never answer the question a lot of people ask themselves “How much should I eat to lose weight”, and I don’t know why this is so.

I have seen a lot of the so called best healthy diets to lose weight that include no sugar or fat at all. When people start a diet they either stop eating anything, stop eating sugar or fat and only consume light products for answering the above answer and what people want most is going for a fast solution. You should read this interesting article from Mike Geary: Does diet soda make you fat for a lot more information regarding this issue.

Take a walk through any store and look at the amount of light products and then take a look around you……

Are we as a human race getting more overweight?

Those diets are entirely wrong because you need fat in your meals you just need the right fat. How much should you eat to lose weight then?


How much should You diet to lose weight?

If you do exercise to lose weight but don’t see any effect of the many hours spend on workout, then it is quite common.

People eat too much after workout because you just become hungry. Especially if you do a lot of cardio your body gets drained for sugar, and right after you just feel the need to eat rapidly absorbable calories like bread, fruits, candy and soda.

Clearly after a long hard workout you allow yourself to eat the wrong stuff. You just had a long, tough workout. At the same time, you don’t do anything active for the rest of the day.

Those factors do; you gain weight around the belly instead of becoming thin.

The Answer for What to Eat

The solution is instead – eat slowly absorbable carbohydrates from fibers, pasta and vegetables before and after exercise/workout and you will lose weight. It will remove the hunger you feel, and also give you the energy to take walks or something else on the days you don’t workout.

The answer to the question “how many calories should I eat to lose weight” is not only how many calories but also what kind of calories. The Food calorie intake needed to lose weight will look like this.


Calorie Counter Intake


20-30 % of your meal should be fat. Fat is necessary even when you want to lose weight. Your body used the fat during exercise and workout, and especially at cardio exercise fat is used. The carbohydrates are used quite quickly during a workout and then the fat is needed. Fat is also needed to gain vitamins A, D, E and K.

You find the healthy fat in nuts, avocado, fish, seeds – Don’t rely on fat in junk food, etc.


1.2 grams of proteins per kilogram of body weight each day for people who exercise and those who don’t exercise only need around 0.8 gram per kilogram each day.

You find proteins in meat, fish, birds, tofu, nut and eggs.


A fish oil capsule and vitamin pill is good if you don’t get the necessary oil and vitamins from your diet. They help on your bones, and if you exercise a lot, you should look for calcium and iron

CARBS: 50-60% of your meal should be carbs. If you don’t have any and you work out then you will discover that you can’t run as fast or long and sometimes the exercise becomes rather painful -Besides your brain also needs carbs.

You find carbs in bread, potatoes, rice, fruits, vegetables and roots.

Use the combination of the above to the answer of how much should I eat a day and you should start seeing a rapid weight loss soon for a sexy body, looking attractive or just feeling great.

If you want to take a shortcut towards the reason you want to lose weight, you should follow a proven program that can give you a healthy lifestyle and a lasting weight loss. Why work to achieve a sexy body and six months later you are back at where you started?

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