How soon can you take a pregnancy test?

How soon can you take a pregnancy test?

Did you miss a period? Well, if the answer is ‘Yes’, it is time to think about questions like…

“How soon can you take a pregnancy test?”

The short answer are: About a week after conception

What to consider about when to take a pregnancy test?

Relax & take some time to understand if you really have a good chance of getting pregnant. When you are sure of a high possibility, you can go for the confirmatory tests with many pregnancy kits available in the market.

Tia Mowry, the 32 year old actress well known for her role on ABC -WB’s show Sister-Sister, was in the news for pregnancy.

She told that she anticipated pregnancy after a missed period. She then confirmed her pregnancy through a medical kit –

The positive result made her jump up and down in joy. She started crying loudly in happiness. She was so excited that she called her actor husband Cory Hardrict, who was in state of a shock and was unwilling to believe. Tia took a snap of her test result with her phone and sent it to her husband. This is definitely a novel way to announce someone’s pregnancy.


Pregnancy signs?

There are a few early pregnancy signs. Recognizing theses early signs could help to decide if a pregnancy test is necessary and you should start looking for signs of pregnancy and childbirth.

The most telling sign of pregnancy is a delayed menstruation. If you missed a period and were sexually active, you should opt for a pregnancy test. Besides missing your period, you could experience a light bleeding within 6 to 12 days of conception.

This bleeding occurs when the tiny embryo attaches itself onto the wall of the uterus. One to two weeks into pregnancy, the breasts become sore, tender and swollen. Morning sickness or nausea is commonly seen after 2 to 8 weeks of conception. Backaches, extreme tiredness, sleepy feeling, lack of appetite, and frequent urge for urination are easily identifiable signs.

Should you experience some of these symptoms, get a home pregnancy test done or visit your doctor’s clinic.

In the drugstore, you can find many kits promising accurate results even on the day one after the missed period. However, tests performed so early can give false results. It is safe to wait for at least a week after you miss your period, and then take a home pregnancy test.

Another precaution should be taken to minimize the chances of any error. For an accurate reading, the test should be performed with the first urine stream in the morning.

Your urine accumulates in the bladder and it is stored there for a long time when you sleep in the night. This urine has a high concentration of detectable female hormones. Therefore, tests performed with the first urine in the morning tend to give the most reliable results.

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It is also very important that you fully understand the instruction manual that comes with the kit. The home test should be taken only after carefully reading all the instructions.

In general, taking a home pregnancy test is a simple task. You hold the stick under your urine stream only for a few seconds. Remove it from the stream and wait a bit for the results. The instruction manual tells you exactly what changes to look for in the stick.

If your test result is negative and you still do not get your period in next couple of days, you can perform a repeat test. If you have any difficulty or confusion, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor.

To sum it all, you can expect to get the most reliable pregnancy test results after about a week of conception. Knowing the signs of early pregnancy will certainly help you to decide if a home pregnancy test is necessary.