How to Use Rowing Machines for Strength & Endurance

How to Use Rowing Machines for Strength & Endurance

How to use rowing machines for strength & endurance?

Rowing machines(guide to rowing machines) are great for full body workouts and help support muscular strength along with muscular endurance as well. In other words, with proper smart training a user can easily lift more weight in a and also be able to get involved in more physical activities such as rowing or hiking for extended periods of time. Moreover, rowing can also help boost performance in all other types of sports as well.

Even though it appears to be a an upper body exercise, but in fact, it actually involves a lot of leg power and also uses around eighty-five percent of the whole body muscles! In comparison with other types of workouts that are for strength and endurance, the work out with the rowing machine is low impact and does not lead to injuries.

The basic steps for rowing for strength and endurance, the key is to gradually increase the resistance of the rowing machine and the distance that you plan to cover in your workout. The first thing you do, which is great for any workout is stretching. So, after your are done with stretching, the main steps to follow are listed below.


Step 1

The first thing you do is to adjust the rowing machine’s footplates in order to secure the footstraps. This is extremely important as the foot straps should be over the ball of your foot and if they are not strapped in properly, you will not be able to make the right strokes in rowing.


Step 2

This is the part where you begin your warm up. You can start with partial strokes and start with initially moving your arms, then add your back and finally, the legs for a full stroke. This is the kind of warm up which is called the pick drill since you can pick apart the strokes and the ideal way to ease your muscles into a workout.

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Step 3

Just like starting a new exercise, start at slow pace even though you might want to rush into it. Give it at least a month after which you may be rowing thirty minutes or more. To start of with a 10 minute work out is a good idea. For the first week, keep your resistance at a low level as well and also keep a short distance for each workout.

  • Resistance – for beginners, a resistance level that is something in between 1-3 is ideal for the first few sessions.
  • Distance – for the first few workouts it is advisable to keep the distance low and somewhere between 150 to 200 yards.
  • Speed – you can keep a low speed and around 15 to 20 strokes per minute (spm) should be a goal for the beginners.


Step 4

Slowly as you get used to rowing and the new excersise, you should start increasing your resistance, the number of strokes that you are doing per minute as well as the distance that you are covering. In the first month however, you can likely increase your speed to 25 spm.

If you follow the above steps, it will surely help you to ease into this rowing exercise without putting strain on yourself too much by rushing into it. Your strength and your endurance will begin in increase and by the time you are rowing even about 100 yards per session at a low resistance level you will still be enjoying the cardio benefits of reaching your target heart rate during the exercise.


Advanced Rowing Workouts & Interval Training

The above steps give you the basic steps of how to use the rowing machine. Once you get comfortable with it, you can start other methods and techniques of altering the way you do your exercise with the rowing machine. You can even practice the interval training workouts with this by alternating periods of high intensity and low intensity exercises.


Preset Rowing Workouts for Strength and Endurance

Many people are not very good at keeping track of their time, the strokes per minute and other data. So in order to counter that, there are some rowing machines which are equipped with preset workout plans and support specific goals of calorie burn, time, distance, resistance as well as speed.

A wireless heart monitor may also be included in the best of the rowing machines and this technology has the ability to be able to automatically adjust the machine’s demand in respond to the heart rate. The heart rate control also makes sure that every session of the exercise is done in an effecient manner.



Rowing machine exercises are great full body workouts which provide great strength training as well as for endurance as well. They may be equipped with preset workout plans and heart rate monitors which can further enhance your workouts. The best bet is to start slow and get used to the whole idea and then increase your work outs.