Hylogy digital infrared thermometer for humans and food

Hylogy Medical Digital Thermometer, Forehead, Rectal and Armpit Thermometer with 10 Sec Fast Reading, for Baby, Infant, Elders and Adults, Surface of Objects, with RoHs Approved
If you’re looking for a quick, hassle-free way thermometer for body temperature, then you may have found just what you’re looking for with the Hylogy digital infrared thermometer for humans and food. It’s a non-contact thermometer for babies and adults that’s surprising versatile for around the house as well as allowing you to check out surface temperatures within ranges outside of the human body as well.


The Good Stuff

In addition to being one of the new generation of infrared thermometers, this product from Hyology offers quite a few advantages that help it to stick out from anything else at the same price point.

Pro & Cons


  • Versitile – can be used as body and food thermometer
  • Comes with memory to keep temperature records
  • Offers different backlights for easy reading

  • 2% of Amazon reviews gave it 1 star
  • Some have claimed it to be inaccurate


Backlight colors

Hylogy Medical Digital Thermometer, Forehead, Rectal and Armpit Thermometer with 10 Sec Fast ReadingThe first thing that most users will notice when they apply it to a sick person is that the backlight will rapidly change color to allow you to know whether or not the person is sick without the reading.
Green indicates a healthy temperature, yellow a slight fever, and of course red will indicate a higher fever. An alarm will sound at higher temperatures, giving you a device that allows for both a visual and an audio confirmation of a high fever.
This allows for a level of usefulness even in the dark, and you can know for sure as soon as you take the temperature whether it’s time to go to a doctor or not.
In addition, you won’t need to hold the laser in place for very long. This thermometer allows you to take readings within half a second, making it ideal for squirming children since you won’t have to stand around for long before you know exactly how high their fever is.

Surface mode

The surface mode is nice as well, allowing you to take the temperature of various things around the house. While the amusement potential is certainly there, it can also be quite useful and similar tools are used in the HVAC trade and food industries.
It’s surprisingly accurate, you may want to take a few readings each time in order to get an average but you’re not going to be in the danger zone and not know it with the Hyology in your hands.
It also comes with a storage bag that you’re sure to find handy. A thermometer for fever is often a handy thing to have while you’re traveling and a bag makes it convenient to bring with you wherever you may be heading.

User friendly?

It’s accurate, safe, and quick to use and the user friendliness of the device outstrips many of it’s competitors to make it a fantastic addition to the tool kit of any parent or even just someone who needs to know when their fever is going to break.
This thermometer comes in at a fantastic price as well, which should be helpful for those on a tight budget just like the MeasuPro no-touch digital baby thermometer.

The Bad Stuff

[azrev_img_box asin=”B01CYBJR38″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B01CYBJR38″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]Unfortunately, even the best infrared thermometers are going to have a little bit of variance in their temperature when compared to oral options.
The variance isn’t too bad, but it might be a good idea to take the temperature three or four times and average out the result before you take any action based upon it. This can make it a bit less convenient than you’d initially think but it’s not that big of a deal.
Those who aren’t familiar with the device might also find it rather easy to let it slip into surface temperature mode when they’re meaning to take body temperatures. The latter reading will be a little bit different, since it does some accounting for the actual surface temperature before giving you the final reading.
The backlight also doesn’t seem to illuminate all that much which can be a drawback if you’re checking on your little one and trying not to wake them. Most people will be able to read it, but it does make things a little bit more difficult.
The last flaw of the design is that it will only read surface temperatures up to 212°F. This isn’t all that bad as long as you weren’t planning on using it primarily as a tool around the house, but it does reduce the versatile nature of the thermometer somewhat.
The high temperature warning can also be something of a bother. If you don’t disable it before hand, it stands a good risk of waking an ill and sleeping person if they’re not in a good place.


This is a nice thermometer for a rock bottom price. For the price point, the value can’t be beat and it will quickly become your favored method of taking temperatures. The drawbacks really aren’t that bad, and once you get used to using it you stand in good hands.
The Hyology digital infrared thermometer might not be the type of product which stands in a league of its own but if you’re looking for a solid, dependable product that’s well within the range of your budget then it’s exactly what you’re looking for.