Innovo Medical digital forehead and ear thermometer review

[azrev_img_box asin=”B01MXZGE5V” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B01MXZGE5V” size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]The Innovo Medical digital forehead and ear thermometer is a great little piece of technology and will make a welcome addition to the home of almost any parent.

You can forgo the usual inaccuracy which can come with forehead readings and get it straighjt from the ear, which allows you a couple of different methods to grab your child’s temperature and make sure their fever isn’t getting too serious.

Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer Review

This one has a dual-use feature, as opposed to the majority of infrared thermometers which are designed only to be used on the forehead. This allows you to double check your accuracy, as the sweat which can accumulate on the forehead of someone with a fever is responsible for a lot of inaccuracy if proper attention isn’t paid during the procedure.
In addition to that, it has a large and easy-to-read LCD screen with a strong backlight which will let you read it even in a darkened room. No need to find a light after you run the thermometer, simply read it while you take a sleeping patient’s temperature.
If there is a fever present, you’ll have no chance to miss it since you’ll easily be able to ascertain what’s going on when it gives a series of beeps and flickers the backlight.
Innovo Medical digital forehead and ear thermometer
This forehead thermometer is made to be able to be used under a variety of different environmental temperatures, so you won’t have to make sure that you use it in perfect room temperature.
You can remove the probe cover in order to take an ear temperature, or you’ll be able to leave it on for a forehead temperature. With the cover on, you’re already at the ideal distance for the probe to sense temperature, meaning it will remove most of the guesswork which can come with other thermometers.
The LCD’s backlight will change to red if a temperature is sufficiently high as well. No need to remember the charts, you’ll immediately know if your patient is in danger. It’s a little touch, but this small detail can make all of the difference for those who aren’t already medically inclined.
It will recall up to 20 temperature readings, so you can quickly browse through and determine if a fever is getting better or worse over time. This is ideal when you’re dealing with a child who has been moderately sick for an extended period and saves you the trouble of having to mark it down.
It’s simple to use as well, even someone with no prior experience will find that they’re in good hands with this one.
Add in the fact that it comes in fairly cheap for the amount of utility and security it will provide for you and your family and you might just have a winner.

The Bad Stuff

Innovo Medical digital thermometer reviewThis particular thermometer doesn’t have a lot of flaws, but nothing is ever perfect.
The main thing that will bother most people is that the entire thing is smooth. While it can be gripped easily enough, you might find that it’s slippery if you’re prone to sweaty palms. It’s not a big deal… unless you’re sick as well, then it can be something of a hassle.
The temperature probe is also remarkably sensitive. Any dirt, oil, or sweat which gets on it can cause some errors in the temperature readings it takes and throw you off by a couple of degrees. You’ll have to make sure that it’s completely clean between uses.
Speaking of which, infrared thermometers get a bad rap sometimes because they take their temperatures immediately above the surface of the skin. The evaporation of sweat or accumulation of oil can really screw with the readings and someone who doesn’t keep that in mind can make errors because of it.
When these kinds of errors are made, things tend to read as lower than they actually are. Be sure to keep it clean and wipe down the forehead of anyone you’re using it on to ensure accuracy.
The readings can err by about two degrees when you’re taking temperature on the forehead. This is a huge amount in a small child, so if they’re showing obvious signs of fever but the forehead reading seems fine, give the aural option a shot in order to be sure.


  • CE and FDA Approved for Babies, Toddlers, and Adults
  • #1 Best Seller with 4.5 star Customer Rating
  • Clinically Tested For Accuracy


  • Smooth Surface Can Be Challenging To Hold
  • Sensitive Temperature Probe Requires Frequent Cleaning


This thermometer is great for the price, and most of the problems with it are common to all products of its type. As long as you’re willing to go the extra mile to be careful when using it you’ll have a fast and accurate thermometer which you can use on even the fussiest children.
The price is right, and if you want a dual use thermometer for the medicine cabinet then this might be just the right one for you. If you want a smart thermometer, you might want to check out the Kinsa smart digital stick thermometer.