Is IVF still an option when the woman’s tubes are tied?

what happens during an IVF procedure

Having tubes tied does not actually mean that you will never have children. Becoming pregnant again is something that seems impossible but there are so many things that you need to understand about the subject. I

n most situations we see the woman tying the tubes because of a decision of not having children. A change of heart can happen at any point in time. One decision in life does not always lead towards dissatisfaction, as many tend to believe.

To put it as simple as possible, based on what people at IVF Clinic London say, pregnancy will be possible for the woman that had tubes died when using IVF procedures. A lot of women currently turn towards the use of IVF because of various different problems that they have and that stop them from conceiving a baby.

How does it work?

The IVF procedure is quite simple and it actually manages to avoid the woman’s tubes. The egg is retrieved by the doctor from the woman’s ovaries and then fertilized with sperm in a strict lab environment.

After fertilization, the egg is put back in the body of the mother. A carrier can be the mother that is intended or a surrogate mother in the event that the intended mother has an inhospitable environment for the embryo to grow.

As eggs are directly retrieved from ovaries, they do not need to travel through fallopian tubes that are blocked. Women that have tubals do not have complications to worry about.

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It is interesting to notice the fact that there are many agencies, intended parents and clinics that prefer a surrogate mother that has tubes tied. This is because it is quite obvious that the woman does not have an interest in having a baby. Because of this, the Fallopian tubes being blocked is a matter that is normally brought into discussion with IVF procedures that involve surrogate mothers.

You should be aware of the fact that pregnancy is still possible even if Fallopian tubes are tied but it is impossible to have your own child in the event that you do not have your ovaries. If an intended mother does not have ovaries, egg donors will be necessary. A donor offers the eggs and the intended father’s sperm can then be used without a problem. Fertilized eggs can be transferred into surrogate mothers or intended mothers.


The last thing that we should mention is that a woman can be a donor even if her tubes are tied. This is simply because of the above mentioned reason that eggs do not necessarily need to go through Fallopian tubes for retrieval purposes. When faced with gestational surrogacy arrangements, the egg donors are actually really common.

We should realize the fact that fertility procedures are nowadays much more advanced than they used to be. With this in mind, no matter what problem you are faced with, there is a pretty good possibility that a fertility clinic can help. In-Vitro fertilization has been able to help millions of people so far and there are also other procedures that can be used.