Kinsa digital smart ear thermometer review

[azrev_img_box asin=”B00Y02OIK2″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B00Y02OIK2″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]Kinsa digital smart ear thermometer review; The Kinsa smart thermometer is something of a breakthrough in the world of thermometers. It offers you access to an easy-to-use app which keeps track of far more than just temperature and it can easily be synced with most Android or Apple devices.

The Good Stuff

The Kinsa digital smart ear connects with your phone via Bluetooth technology, making it easy to sync up with your phone and the app.
The thermometer itself takes only a second to snag a reading for you, which makes it an ideal solution for those squirmy children who simply won’t sit still while you’re taking your readings. This will give you a quick and accurate picture of their temperature.
The probe doesn’t need a cover, and can instead be cleaned using a simple rubbing alcohol solution. This makes it ideal for when you have multiple sick people in your home, allowing you to quickly and easily clean it between patients.
Of course, the high cost of this thermometer doesn’t come from the fact that it’s simply an accurate ear thermometer. Instead, it comes from the fact that the functionality of the Kinsa ear thermometer is off the charts compared to any of the competition.
The app itself is the main source of good news. It allows you to make multiple profiles, one for each member of your family and to record symptoms other than a fever to get a clear overall picture of their health.

The logs are all time stamped, making the information easy to share with your preferred healthcare provider as well. Every sleepless parent knows how easy it is to get confused about times and symptoms, but having the information available in a quick and accurate format can make all the difference at the doctor’s office.
In addition to that, the app can give you some advice on what the next step to take should be. It’s a great way to make sure that you’re never guessing as to what to do next, although it obviously shouldn’t be your sole source of medical advice.
The power will last for up to a thousand readings as well. Perfect for those who have to frequently take temperatures in their household, and easily replaced if it runs out of juice since it only requires a pair of AAA batteries.
On top of all of that, it’s ergonomically designed and comfortable in most people’s hands. This is an often overlooked part of a thermometer’s construction and makes it much easier to use than some of the other devices on the market.
All things considered, the app and quick functionality of the device make it well worth the cost.

The Bad Stuff

The first thing most people are going to notice when they look over the device is undoubtedly the cost. It comes in at a fairly high price, outstripping even the best infrared thermometers by a significant amount.
Of course, those thermometers aren’t going to do anything other than take the temperature of the person in question and hold it in their memory if you’re lucky, so most would say it’s well worth it.
Some people have also reported problems with getting the device to sync with their device as well. Most got it connected eventually, but some were entirely unable to use it with their tablets or phones so it can be an issue. For the best luck, make sure that you have a device which is listed on the compatible devices list.
Some people take issue with app since you’ll have to enable you location in order to take advantage of it as well. It seems a small price to pay and it actually syncs up with the local area to let you know if there’s anything going around.
There are some issues with the device and it does cost a decent amount of money. Those it works for, however, are sure to find it to be an essential tool in their medical bag of tricks.


  • Accurate In-Ear Results in 1 second
  • Synces wirelessly with your android or iphone
  • Ergonomic Design for Easy Handling


  • More Expensive Than Most In-Ear Thermometers


In addition to getting a fantastic, easy to use ear thermometer, you’re also getting access to one of the best medical apps around. Just make sure that you have a device which it is easily compatible with and you’ll be in good hands.
We strongly recommend the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer for any parent who wants to make sure that they’ve got a handle on any illness that arises in their children. Those who find themselves frequently ill will also be able to get a huge amount of utility out of it.
It’s worth the high price, and if you pair it with the much cheaper Kinsa Smart Stick you have two great ways to make sure that you always have a handle of the health situation of your entire family without having to do any guesswork.