How to Lose Weight by Curbing Hunger?

How to Lose Weight by Curbing Hunger?

At each meal do we have an expectation about how many calories we can eat without thinking about how it will influence on our weight.

Because of this we always end up putting the expatiated amount of food on the plate, and since we are learned to eat what’s on the plate, we eat the entire plate and not because we are curbing hunger.

The problem about this way of thinking is it will ruin any chance of losing weight.

If people instead would concentrate on eating slowly, eat when you are hungry and even more important stop eating when you don’t feel hunger anymore. If so, then nobody would probably read this and diet programs would not exist but things are not that simple.

It is no surprise….

There is a difference between appetite and hunger!

Hunger is a biology instinct; a way to survive which gets controlled by the food we eat. Desire is only controlled by the eternal physiology.

Appetite is a psychological desire that gets controlled by habits, your view of food and your senses. Your fullness instinct gets controlled in another place of the brain and gets affected by the physical hunger and also by the appetite.

To experience a satisfying fullness both the appetite and hunger need to be stimulated, so the only solution for losing weight is not just to eat a large amount of healthy food.

If you want to reduce the amount of calories you get pangs, you need to “listen” to your hunger and satisfy your appetite. By that, I don’t mean you should curb hunger without eating in any way, because there are too many bad tips on the market that tell you are starving is the right way, but there is a reason those diets never learn you to maintain weight loss.

Do you often have the urge for something sweet after you had dinner or at night?

What about coffee?

Or something else that’s crunchy?

The reason for this is you haven’t satisfied your sense of taste during the dinner.

Research has shown that good senses of taste experiences can satisfy the brain, so you eat less without you need to think about eating less.

A fundamental principle for curbing hunger is to stimulate our senses: taste of mind, the smell sense, trial sense – all of which are vital to the overall dining experience.

You should ask yourself these questions for controlling your mind:

  • How much do you eat?
  • When do you eat?
  • Why do you eat?
  • Are you hungry – starving?
  • When should you stop eating?

Now you know about curbing hunger, you should start on having a natural weight loss without temptations.