Low Carb Desserts? Get Ideas & The Benefits

Low Carb Desserts? Get Ideas & The Benefits

Desserts are important when the right ingredients are included. Most studies have actually shown that taking desserts is healthy and eventually they will improve your life.

This is good news for all those who have been told desserts are unhealthy. Actually, they are beneficial in many ways, as you will see later in the post.

One way to make these meals wonderful is through incorporating low carb foods. Low carb desserts are a great way to finish your meals except the low carb breakfast.

However, you should focus on making the meal more balanced. In other words, mix the desserts with veggies, fruits, grains, among others.

The desserts should have fewer carbohydrates, should be easy to make, should be balanced for instance both protein and fat should be mixed however fats should be lesser.

In addition, making them as light as possible is another way to ensure no problems with digestion among others. Nevertheless, they should be delighting.


Examples of low carb desserts

You want a dessert to finish your meal in style and class. Here are some low carb desserts that are healthy for you and your family.

  • Homemade Peanut butter cups: They are gluten free and easy to make just to be ready before dinner is over.
  • Greek yogurt blended with fresh fruits: This dessert is low on carbs and it is easier to make. You do not have to worry about making dinner and the dessert.
  • Panna Cotta: This dessert is made high on protein. It is sweet and tasty. It does not involve many ingredients, just mixing all the ingredients in a pan. It takes only six minutes.
  • Chocolate cakes made from almond flour
  • Apple fruit or oranges
  • Ice cream low in carbs and mixed with cherries
  • Peanut buttery mixes

Benefits of low carb desserts

Cravings normally lead to eating junk foods. When you take the low carb desserts after a meal, you will avoid other cravings. Here are some benefits.

  • Low cab desserts will check your body weight. Mostly people crave for sweet foods that are loaded with sugar leading to diet failure.
  • Low carb desserts allow more room for mixing fruits and veggies in the dessert.
  • Low carb desserts will boost your immune system.
  • Low carb desserts are full of nutrients and antioxidants that will reduce your blood pressure
  • In addition, they lower blood cholesterol eventually improving the good cholesterol in the blood
  • Most low car desserts act as anti-depressants
  • They also aid in digestion since some foods have fibers and vitamins that are good for digestion
  • They contain minerals and vitamin that improve the strength of your bones, teeth, and improve good vision
  • Greek yoghurt is a healthy dessert ingredient as it stimulates the absorption of most nutrients into the blood, as well as lowering the bad cholesterol.


Tips for low carb desserts

  • Desserts can be sweet and highly beneficial to make you feel full after a meal. However, you should have the tips to prepare a perfect one. Check below:
  • Try as much as possible to include the low carb fruits such as apple, fresh berries, and oranges in your diet. this is because they contain healthy vitamins.
  • Always use low fat creams and low fat cottage cheese to incorporate minerals such as calcium that is god for your bones and teeth
  • Normally use the Greek yoghurt to prepare most low carb desserts. It aids in absorption of minerals and vitamins as well
  • Use chocolate as well as it is a perfect mood stimulant and booster
  • Incorporate ingredients like almonds and walnuts as well as tofu among others
  • Always shop for healthy ingredients
  • Buy sweeteners that are low in sugar contents



Low carb dessert that is easy to prepare and has most nutrients is a good choice for you and your family. Low carb dessert is a perfect way to watch your health and keep track of your weight just as the correct menu for a low carb diet.