MeasuPro no-touch digital baby thermometer review

[azrev_img_box asin=”B0186EBX48″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B0186EBX48″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]Tired of fighting with your child in order to take their temperature?
The MeasuPro no-touch digital baby thermometer might be the solution you’ve been looking for. It allows you to take an almost-instant, no-contact temperature with a surprising amount of ease.

MeasuPro Digital Forehead Thermometer Review

The MeasuPro is a great example of a no-contact baby thermometer and has some unique features which separate it from the competition.
Like all thermometers of this kind, it allows you to quickly and easily take a temperature without having to stick anything in your kid’s mouth. They’re also very, very fast compared to traditional methods.
It also has a couple of guiding lights which are baby-safe and will allow you to quickly and easily guide the thermometer into the proper alignment. It eliminates all the guesswork which can inevitably come when you’re not dealing with these LEDs, and is probably the main excitement of the MeasuPro.
It also comes with a lot of the usual features. Not sure if a temperature is a fever or not? No guesswork needed, the MeasuPro will sound off and make sure that you know what’s going on.
Living in a part of the world that doesn’t use Fahrenheit? You’re in luck, the MeasuPro forehead thermometer will allow you to read in Celsius as well with the simple press of a button. Eliminate those nasty conversions, while enjoying the amazing features.
It’s also got a battery level indicator, which is a handy feature considering you’ll know if you need to keep a couple of extra AAAs on hand. You probably should anyways, since they’re surprisingly useful, but having it suddenly go dead while you’re trying to monitor a child’s fever is a sure way to add stress to this unpleasant part of parenting.

Monitoring… it’s also got an extra capability so you can see if things are going up or down. It’ll hold the last twenty five readings, allowing fussy parents a minute to minute update on the condition of their sick child without having to break out the pad and paper.
It has a fairly unique design for a forehead thermometer, the kind which will allow pretty much anyone to easily grip it while they’re getting to work. No awkward angles required, just point the red LEDs straight ahead in order to get your child’s temperature.
It’s also fairly versatile, having a larger range than many thermometers in the same class. This allows you to measure things like bath water or formula or the cat as well as being useful for fevers. This extra layer of utility means you won’t only get use out of it with a sick child.

The Bad Stuff

MeasuPro no-touch digital baby thermometer review
The first thing most people will notice, if they’re the type to comparatively compare thermometers like we are, is that it has a tendency to run low compared to probe or rectal thermometers.
This isn’t actually a design flaw, it’s a flaw in the usage of the thermometer itself. Forehead thermometers measure the temperature right above the skin, not the skin itself, so the sweats and oils naturally released by someone with a fever will interfere with the reading.
Unfortunately, this can also make taking a sleeping child’s temperature something of a dicey affair since you need to wipe them off first. With a light touch and some luck, however, you should be able to get things done without much of an effort.
There are some other flaws as well, however. The main problem with the MeasuPro thermometer is that it simply isn’t as user friendly as it seems at first glance. Aiming straight on can be something of an inconvenience despite seeming super easy. There’s a reason the angled design has been adopted, after all.
The guiding lights, while looking cool in advertising, aren’t exactly the most useful things in the world at the end of the day. Lasers would be much better, but can’t be used for obvious reasons, so mostly they give you a rough idea of where you’re measuring.


  • Two LED lights return accurate results
  • Easy-To-Read Display Monitoring
  • Temperature Alerts to Inform the User


  • Can be meticulous to use


The MeasuPro is a rather gimmicky forehead thermometer, although those who can get used to the awkwardness of its use will probably be pleased with it. Those who have trouble telling where a normal forehead thermometer is being placed will be pleased with the aiming LEDs as well, although the rest of us will find little reason for them.
It can be recommended for some, but there are definitely better options out there for the average parent who just needs a quick and accurate thermometers – Check out the best thermometers for kids here.