The 5 natural home remedies for stretch marks? (find them here)

natural home remedies for stretch marks

Stretch marks are the linear scars that are found in the body of some women.

It develops when one is pregnant or passing through the puberty stage. It occurs during this time because their skins have stretched more than its flexibility capacity.

You might wonder about does stretch marks go away again and to this you should know that one of the best ways for removal of the marks are through any of the natural home remedies for stretch marks which are some of the same home remedies for acne, weight loss and even the home remedies for cellulite are some of the same.

There is always a sudden increase in weight before the stretching happens. The scars are identified by their color which could be purple or red, it is just appearing different places like on thighs and not only the belly, but when it is fading the color changes to either silver or white.

The way how to get rid of stretch marks fast is by knowing tt is better to start the treatment for the stars commence when it starts to manifest. It is always difficult to treat when it grows in the body.

There are several natural treatments for stretch marks after pregnancy or without being pregnant which are totally free or rather cheap to purchase. Dieting is one of the effective ways of controlling it.

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This involves the consumption of health and nutritional foods. Moreover, the body must be hydrated all the times. This way the skin would look smooth and healthy.

When the skins are healthy it would resist stretch marks from occurring. Even if it has occurred natural dieting would speed the healing processes.

Natural foods are recommended and they include the foods from vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains. Cold water fish could also be consumed. Those natural diets that refresh the body are very important.

Another natural remedy includes mineral supplements and vitamins.


The body especially the skin requires different vitamins and mineral nutrients to remain healthy.

Some of the vitamins that are recommended are the Vitamins K, A, C and E. Mineral zinc is also required.

Taking these minerals and vitamins helps the body to defend itself against attacks.

A regular daily exercise is another natural cure for stretch marks and most skin diseases.


Some routine exercises especially those that emphasize stretching helps to remove the scar tissues from the body.

It helps to increase the body metabolism. Moreover, it facilitates the circulation of blood to all parts of the body including those parts of the body infected with scars.

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Many people use the exfoliation techniques to remove the stretch marks from the body.

Some cleansers that have exfoliating ingredients are used to remove the skin layers from the surface of the body. Dead skin cells are removed through this process.

Some of the exfoliating ingredients are contained in baking soda, oatmeal, as well as tea tree oil and several others. These are used with an abrasive applicator like the coarse sponge to brush the part of the body that is affected by it.

Massage Therapy

Massaging therapy has been used for many years to treat stretch marks and it is still useful today.

The essence of the massage is that it facilitates the circulation of blood in the body. This helps the nutrients and the minerals to reach to all parts of the body where they are needed.

The effect of this is that it helps to break down the scar tissue.

All these natural remedies provide a permanent cure to the stretch marks problem. It is always better to prevent it from occurring in the body than treating it.

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