Preparing for breastfeeding?

Preparing for breastfeeding?

Preparing for breastfeeding? Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. Being pregnant brings about a lot of physical and mental changes in one’s body. It is natural for every woman to look forward to delivering her baby and nursing it as well. Though she might be a bundle of nerves thinking about it, she would still want to prepare her body and her breasts, in particular, so that the nursing process happens easily. If you are expecting your baby anytime soon, here are some ways in which you can prepare for breastfeeding.

Focus on nursing apparel

More often than not, expecting mothers experience cracked nipples or sore nipples because the clothes they wear are very tight or ill-fitting. One of the first ways in which you can prepare for breastfeeding is by investing in reasonable nursing apparel. They don’t have to be very costly, but they should be comfortable. During pregnancy and immediately after delivery, your breasts may seem to be bigger than before. Therefore, get appropriate nursing bras so that you nurse from any position that you want, without any hassles for you or your baby.

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Nipple care

Your nipples tend to become very tender or soft during pregnancy or just a few days before delivery. Hence, you have to take adequate care of them. Never allow your nipples to be dry. Keep them moisturized so that you can prevent them from cracking. To ease milk production in your breasts, you can give frequent cold compresses and hot water massages for your breasts to keep them relaxed and healthy.

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Prepare for pain

It may sound weird that we are advising you to prepare for pain in an article that tells you to prepare for breastfeeding; however, this is the reality. Most of the nursing mothers experience engorgement or inflammation or soreness/swelling in their breasts. This happens when the milk gets accumulated inside their breast, but they are unable to feed. Chilled cabbage leaves, warm and cold massages and painkillers can give you some relief. Nevertheless, you have to prepare yourself for this pain and ensure that you don’t pump milk or express milk during this phase as this will only increase your milk supply and hurt you more.

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Know when to ask for help

While most of the mothers find the breastfeeding process an easy and natural process, some find it difficult. There could be many reasons for the same. Low milk production, baby not latching on to the nipple properly, a painful delivery which makes it difficult for the mother to nurse in any position, painful or sore nipples, etc. are some common reasons. If you experience any of these, you should ask for help right away. Do not shy away from your breastfeeding problems. There are professional lactation consultants to guide you on all your queries related to nursing. They help young mothers to overcome their hassles and get on with breastfeeding as quickly and as naturally as possible.

It also makes sense to tell your gynecologist that you would want to nurse naturally and that you want to do away with pacifiers and baby formula. This way, your doctor and his/her team will give you regular exercises and guidance on nipple care and prepare for breastfeeding in the best way.