3 Quick healthy breakfasts you might want to try

Quick healthy breakfasts you might want to try

If you want a healthy weight loss then you need a quick healthy breakfast and not do like a lot of people do, they skip breakfast entirely but do it with the healthy foods every morning.

It has been proven that your breakfast is the most valuable meal during the day. After the night sleep your body is low on energy and you need energy.

Breakfast feed the energy from the start of the day, and face the day low on energy is plain dumb especially because if you consider that getting some energy for your body which can be achieved almost on the go either with some easy recipes or by shopping in a fast way only getting the healthy breakfast ideas.

  • When you skip breakfast and you’re low of energy, your brain will try to fulfill the hunger you have, and quite often most of us when we are in a hurry, or just feel a slight hunger when we sit in front of the computer or whatever job situation we have, we as humans tend to choose a quick fix solution for eating. The quick fix solution is usually unhealthy food or candy.
  • When you skip breakfast and wait until dinner time, you are going to eat a whole lot more food than you actually need, and doing this persistently is going to ruin any chance of weight loss.

You need to eat breakfast and also the right breakfast if you want weight loss. Eating these recommendations would be good as a healthy breakfast that is also good for your bmi.


Whole Grain Cereals

Fortified whole grain cereals contain superior carbohydrates. These superior carbohydrates are more accessible to the physique for power than negative carbohydrates which prove to be a menace for the reason that they are hard to convert to power so they just turn into fat.

Complete grain cereals also come in a lot of flavors – fruit, chocolate, almond, plain.

They can be mixed with milk to present additional minerals, particularly calcium, and protein.

Research has also shown that consuming entire grain cereals can abate hungerfor eight hours, which is why eating whole grain for breakfast is great weight loss so try to include these in your diet. A Great benefit by healthy cereals is a very fast healthy breakfast both for you and for kids.



Pancakes are packed with good carbohydrates just like cereals. Just pour some pancake mix with egg at a frying pan for a short time and then watch the pancakes emerge.

Pancakes are versatile, they can be eaten plain or they can be laced with fruits or with milk depending on what recipe you are using. Because they’re non-fatty they do not contribute to weight gain.



Mix some meat with whole grain bread and you can engage yourself in a simple to prepare meal that provides not only carbohydrates but also protein.

Meat can cover fish, beef, veal, or chicken. Sandwiches can also benefit from vegetables like lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, radishes, or cabbage which make them healthier.

Sandwiches can be used as quick healthy snacks also and they are easy and rather quick to prepare.

Most healthy breakfast are easy to prepare and it is good for you and especially for weight loss, so if you are a person that skip breakfast you should consider changing your habits.