Is Rowing a Good Exercise for Your Knees?

Is Rowing a Good Exercise for Your Knees?

The knee is an important part of your body, since they are part of your legs which helps in your movement and to help you walk.

The knee joint must be able to bear the weight of the body and be flexible as it consists of both the bone as well as the cartilage and they have the support of the surrounding ligaments and the muscles.

Knee injuries are quite common in both men and women and although there is no age limit to the knees getting weak or for knee injuries, generally with old age the knees also become weak. Weakness in the knees can be a result of overuse and overstress of the knees which can happen with daily activities. In order to prevent knee injuries it is important to be really careful and to perform all activities carefully and correctly.

Rowing is a low impact and cardio activity that involves the legs, the arms as well as the core and it is quite an effective way to build up your strength and you can also use a rowing machine to lose weight. People can still however injure themselves if while rowing if they are not careful enough and they must follow the guidelines mentioned below in order to row carefully.


Benefits of rowing

Rowing is a great exercise and quite beneficial for the overall body as it provide a whole body workout. Moreover, it provides the needed strength to the muscles that around the knee area and with every rowing stroke, the quadriceps which are located above the knee extend(check guide to rowing machines).

The hamstrings as well as the gastronomies muscles are also able to flex due to the contractions that happen with the movements of rowing and gradually and slowly as these muscles are getting stronger, they are able to provide support to the joint of the knees in a more effective manner.

As the leg muscles get stronger, many of those who were previously experience knee or joint pain, find relief and a reduction in their chronic pain.


Rowing and knee pain injuries

Many rowing, there are possibilities of many injuries to occur as a result of overusing or wrong body mechanics which may be happening during the exercise. The condition of the knee of the person excercising should also be considered as a factor to decide whether rowing would be beneficial or it will end up leading to more pain.

If the knee already has some sort of an injury from before or some issue, it’s possible that rowing could further aggravate the joint and increase the possibilities of the symptoms. If however the user experiences some sort of a knee pain after rowing for the first time ever, they should find out the possible issues with regards to their strength as well as the flexibility in their hips as well as knees.

The rower would have to undertake additional exercises to build strength as well as flexibility for the joints using free weights. If there is some sort of improper foot position while using the machine could have also caused the pain.


How to avoid knee pain injuries

In order to protect yourself from injuries that could happen while the user is rowing, they should do a thorough warm up before starting their exercise.

The exercises for the warm up should be having sustained stretches in order to prepare for the muscles, ligaments, as well as the joints for proper movements.

Using a proper technique for rowing is extremely important in order to avoid injuries. During rowing when the user’s knees are completely bent, it is possible for the rowers to experience pain if some sort of an injury has taken place.

For the right way, the user should be sitting in an upright position with their shins in a position that is vertical. It should be taken that the user is not rushing, because if they are trying to go too fast, it can lead to over compression of the legs which may cause an excessive stretch of the user’s tendons, and their muscles would be working overtime in order to recover from this position that was overstretched. If something like this takes place, the strain of the user’s muscles around the area of the knees may be possible. It may also lead to compression of the kneecap of the user to happen.

Yet another form of injury that could take place is when the user’s or the rower’s legs are in a position where they are fully extended. The user may lock their knees at this point, if he is tired. Locking of the knees however should not be occuring with proper rowing technique since this could create injuries. In order to get the best results, the knees should be slightly bent of the rower in order to make sure that the muscles are still engaged.


What to do if knee pain occurs

In case the user experience any sort of knee pain, they should completely halt the rowing immediately. Pain is a form of a signal that something is not right and an injury might be taking place. The user should not continue to try to work with the pain since this could really worsen the injury.

A knee injury that is not related to the muscle is more dangerous as such an injury may involve the tendons or the cartilage, that may need a proper and extensive treatment which may even involve surgery. Using cold pack or ice to the injury area is recommended. An injury involving the ligaments which surround the knee may also cause a lot of pain as well as swelling and the inability of the user to be able to bear any type of weight. In such as scenario, proper care and rest is needed in order for it to heal. A physician may even prescribe a brace that could help and support the joint.