Using a Rowing Machine to Lose Weight

Using a Rowing Machine to Lose Weight

Using a rowing machine to lose weight is probably one of the quickest and hassle free solutions a person can find.

Rowing is particularly beneficial for weight loss because it is so straight forward and easy to adapt into your daily routine. However, despite its easy and straightforward approach, there are special techniques behind correctly using a rowing machine to lose weight.

If you use a rowing machine to lose weight without actually knowing what you’re doing, you may not be able to maximize your goals to the fullest possibilities.


Best way to lose weight rowing?

The best and scientifically proven way to lose weight on something like a rowing machine is by working with your heart rate, monitoring it, and keeping it a steady pace to burn all the fat. However, before starting any kind of physical exercise, even something as strenuous as a rowing machine, you have to bring your intake of calories down to a near minimum.

If your calorie intake remains high then using a rowing machine to lose weight is not really going to help you much at all.

A way to counteract the urge to eat is simply keep an eye on how many calories you burn in a day with your rowing exercise and then treat yourself to something afterwards that doesn’t entirely stifle your progress.


Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine to Lose Weight

When you have accumulated a lot of fat and gained a lot of weight, any kind of exercise where you have to use your joints, and particularly leg joints, can result in a possible injury.

This is why running and jogging is to be avoided when you are extremely overweight. However, that may seem very counterintuitive because most of us are told that running is the best exercise for losing weight.

To counter this dilemma, you simply have to start a workout regime that helps your body work up a sweat and shed the extra weight but also protects your joints and doesn’t put any unwanted stress on your body. This where using a rowing machine to lose weight comes in very handy. Here are some of the benefits of using rowing machine to lose weight:

  • It is one of the safest methods for working out and losing extra weight compared to most other high risk methods
  • If done properly, using a rowing machine puts very little stress on your joints
  • Rowing machines are one of the few workout equipment’s that doesn’t make a loud noise while being used
  • Some of the rowing machines are retractable and foldable which makes storing them even easier
  • Very helpful in burning calories compared to other gym machines
  • It is great for even the most over weight individuals to just get motivated and start with.

Rowing is one of those activities that can easily by performed by anyone no matter what.

Using a rowing machine to lose weight also ends up saving you a lot of awkwardness that you may encounter otherwise in the gym. To get the maximum benefits out of using a rowing machine. To do this simply find out the optimal heart rate that corresponds with your current age and try to keep up with that during the workouts. By doing this you will greatly increase the number of calories but also increase the number of fat being burned at the same time.

Techniques to Maintain on a Rowing Machine to Lose Weight

Like every form of workout or exercise, rowing machines also have a very particular way of being used that needs to be followed correctly. Here are some helpful techniques for you to try out on your rowing machine:

Fixing You Alignment

Using an exercise machine is not just about using your strength and building up tolerance, it is also about correcting your posture and sitting in such a way that your body gets all the proper toning from the workout you intended.

If you want to develop a nice and strong core by using a rowing machine, you will have to learn to sit upright and taller. In order to sit properly and maintain the correct posture while using a rowing machine, you will have to stop slouching or curving your back.

You can do this by making sure your chest remains upward pointing and that your head remains straight with your gaze fixated forward.

Work Your Legs into the Routine

If you correctly use your legs for thrusting with each stroke on the rowing machine, you can greatly reduce your chances of getting a back sprain, maximize your speed, and also develop your legs muscles to be stronger and more adaptive. By thrusting your legs into the heel area of the rowing machine, you can maximize the toning of your legs as well as the rate at which your calories are burned.

Alternate with some Power Strokes

Power strokes are those hard and fast strokes that really put a lot of the strain on your back. These should always be mixed in alternately with your other softer strokes. You can start your routine with some warm up move but then after that you gradually build up to these power strokes and really put all your strength into it.

Work on Building Endurance

Building endurance in between your other techniques on the rowing machine can really help supercharge your calorie burning. To build endurance you need to row at a pace where your heart rate is in its near maximum capacity. Keep holding it in the place once you’ve reached it and continue on for a few minutes to build up endurance.

Mix Different Techniques Up

The best way to maximize your workout on a rowing machine is to mix and match between high intensity spurts and low endurance steady workouts. By doing this you can really strengthen and train your body and also lose a lot of unnecessary weight at the same time. Using a rowing machine to lose weight can be very helpful.