Right Use & Side Effects of Hoodia You Really Want to Know

Right Use & Side Effects of Hoodia You Really Want to Know

Due to the fact that 2/3 of United States citizens are overtly overweight, people desire “slim quick fixes” for their weight loss ritual.

Instead of working out and right nutrition, many people have turned to weight loss pills for their weight loss. There have been many physical and mental problems that have arisen with the gaining of weight.

Some of the most common drugs that are used to lose weight are Ephedra and Hoodia Gordonii.


What is Hoodia?

Hoodia (a succulent, not a cactus) comes from South African where a Dutch anthropologist around 1937 discovered African bushman used the plant through their travelling to suppress the natural thirst and appetite.

In 1995 South African scientists started working with the British pharmaceutical company Phytopharm to isolate the ingredient P57 from the plant. Three years later the company Pfizer used 21 million dollars to sub-license the patent from the British firm Phytopharm, but after some research Pfizer returned the license back to Phytopharm. In 2010 Phytopharm let the patent lease expire.

Why these firms didn’t want to explore the possibilities of Hoodia some more after their initial investment can only make you wonder.

One of the reasons might be that Hoodia weight loss supplements have to contain the P57 from the Hoodia plant for being advertised as Hoodia and from the 13 different plants there exist only one that have the actually active ingredient which can suppress the thirst and appetite. Maybe the side effects of hoodia cactus were very unhealthy or non-profitable to eliminate?.

What are the Risk of Hoodia?

These drugs work fast to help you lose weight; however, they also present the side effects which can be extremely dangerous. Ephedra has been known to raise blood pressure, affect people’s heart, and has even caused death.

Side effect of Hoodia has been linked to liver problems that can cause serious effects on the person who is taking this drug. These drugs should never be taken without supervision and if you already have previous medical problems. Ephedra has had people say that it has helped them reach a healthier weight.

Before taking these weight loss drugs, you should consider which ingredients they contain. You can look at the back of the container and see what it has; also, you can research online for information about it. You should visit WebMD site and read their article “hoodia lots of hoopla little science” to understand that health risk you might take by using hoodia (click here to read hoodia lots of hoopla little science).

You should know that some ingredients will interact with your medicines that you may already be taking. Also, while weight loss is simple, people have chosen these pills to help them lose weight, but they should instead cut down on the calorie intake that make them gain weight and exercise.

Before considering any drugs, you should consider working out and dieting healthfully first. This should be your first choice before taking drugs. A lot of the drugs are not FDA approved and could affect you greatly. Therefore, you should choose to go to the doctor and have your doctor prescribe you a weight loss drug.


The Right Way to Weight Loss

Remember that weight loss can only be successful if you work and diet properly; otherwise, the side effects of slim quick will be the weight will come and oftentimes, will come back more strongly.

Make sure that you do not choose a “quick fix” without having lifestyle changes. Keep in mind, too, that these medicines can contain caffeine and other ingredients that are unsafe in large doses.

The inactivate ingredients are as important to look for as the active ingredient. Do not allow your body to be affected by improper drugs. If you take herbs, there are ingredients in those that can be affected by taking weight loss drugs. Always make sure that you know what is in your medicine.

If you decide to purchase these drugs, please make sure that you do your research thoroughly so that you can avoid any adverse side effects of Hoodia. Make sure that you talk to your doctor about ways to keep the weight off of you if you choose these medicines. Your body deserves to be healthy.

You should consider watching this video with Madelyn Fernstrom, Weight Management Center, Univ. of Pittsburg who gives her view on Hoodia so you truly understand the possible dangers about Hoodia.