SK-II Skin Signature 3-D 6 Piece Redefining Mask for Unisex

SK-II Skin Signature 3-D 6 Piece Redefining Mask for Unisex

SK-II Skin Signature 3-D 6 Piece Redefining Mask for Unisex is enriched with a number of vitamins and minerals including bio-ingredients such as Pitera, Oli-Vityl, niacin acid and signaline that functions to maintain the firmness of skin.

The purpose of this 3-D mask is to prevent the areas that are most prone to sagging, on our face. These include, forehead, sides of the nose, area that defines the jawline, cheekbones and prominent lines on the corners of mouth.

The mask is designed in an intricate manner that fits perfectly on any face type for men and women both. SK-II Skin Signature 3-D Redefining Mask combined with the Facial Treatment Essence has proven to work wonders on the skin as they rejuvenate the texture, providing a hydrating finish and youthful shine. The mask works particularly against the sagging of skin or loosening around important areas on the face over the years.

  • Potent cocktail of Pitera
  • Anti ageing
  • Two piece stretchable mask
  • Appearance lifting effect

Maintains firmness of the skin

The 3D mask targets the areas of the face which are most likely to sag such as the corners of the mouth, sides of the nose and skin around the jawline. It lifts up the face, giving a more contoured facial appearance. Its unique 3D design allows it to effectively fit the face and lift the features immediately. It has proved to be popular amongst the users as it gives the desired results in a short period of time and also because it suits most skin types, including sensitive skin. After use, it leaves your skin soft and supple, with little or no redness.

Contoured look

As a person ages, signs of old age start becoming more visible which becomes a cause of insecurity amongst the older people but this 3D mask targets the main sign of ageing which is the sagging of skin resulting in a worn out appearance. It immediately uplifts the skin and gives a structured look to the face by highlighting jawline and tightening the skin around mouth, nose, forehead and cheekbones. Also, while serving this purpose it hydrates the skin giving it a rejuvenated and healthier look.


Concisely, this SK 11 signature 3D 6 piece redefining mask has proved to be very effective in fighting the signs of ageing, specifically, sagging which has led to its popularity. Its bio ingredients such as Pitera and signaline has led to it becoming suitable for most skin types and become a hydrating mask. It is also one of the most convenient masks to use which fits the skin easily and does not feel uncomfortable.