Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer – Bribe your baby with this

If you’ve been looking for a solution for children who like to spit thermometers, you might just have found it in the Summer Infant Pacific thermometer.
It’s shaped like a pacifier, making it a natural and easy way to take a child’s temperature without having to resort to a cold and uncomfortable metal probe thermometer.

Summer Infant Pacifier thermometer review

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer, Teal/White
  • Fever Alert glow feature indicates fever and beeps when readings are complete
  • Memory feature recalls last reading to help monitor childs progress
  • Comfortable orthodontic nipple
  • Protective cover included for clean storage or travel
  • Measure both Fahrenheit and Celsius

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The first thing that most parents will notice upon taking a closer look at this thermometer for body temperature is that it’s shaped like a pacifier. Most very young children use them already, and that makes it the perfect shape to avoid spitting and squirming that can be quite common when you use the more common probe thermometers.
Many children can’t stand probe thermometers and this can mean that the only way to actually take their temperature with one might be through the backdoor. With this one you can avoid having your child go through this uncomfortable event since they’ll naturally latch on to it(a cheap alternative might be the Fever Scout wireless thermometer patch).
The good stuff doesn’t stop there, however, it also changes colors in the event of your child running a fever so you’ll have an additional visual indicator of the fever on top of the temperature reading itself.
This pacifier thermometer beeps when it’s done taking its reading, giving you an audio clue to know that time is up.
It also comes with a protective cover which will keep it safe and clean if you decide to travel with your infant. It won’t take up much room, and this makes it ideal for travel since you’ll have an easy-to-use thermometer for fever in your bag, already in a protective cover.
It can read both Fahrenheit and Celsius depending on your preferred readings as well, all it takes is the push of a button to switch it over.
The LCD display should be easy to read for most people, and there’s a bit of a backlight in case the room is dim as well.
The thermometer makes a great addition to the toolkit of any parent, especially those whose children are already fond of pacifiers.

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The Bad Stuff

No thermometer is perfect, and this one is no exception to that rule.
The main thing that will concern most people is its accuracy. Many people have found that it tends to stray a bit from the actual temperature when it’s in use. In reality, it should be used more as a fever checker, then other measures taken to determine whether immediate medical attention is necessary- For accurancy use the best probe thermometer for kids  or go for iProvèn medical ear thermometer.
It also takes quite a long time to get its reading. This is acceptable if your child is used to pacifiers, or even likes them, but it can be quite a pain if they keep trying to reject it. While it should be better accepted by almost any child than a standard oral probe, it is something to keep in mind if you’re child isn’t used to the feeling already.
By long, we mean actual minutes, rather than thirty seconds to a minute. It seems to take roughly three to five minutes to get a reading which makes it fairly hard to use if your child doesn’t like it. This might be counterbalanced by the fact that some children will love it, however.
There also seem to be some quality control issues with the thermometer. While most are perfectly happy when they receive their product, some have complained that it quit working quite readily or that the battery was already weak when it was received.
The latter can be particularly frustrating, as you can’t replace the battery yourself and you’ll instead have to purchase a new thermometer.
Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer, Teal/White


  • Pro: Get easy results with this oral pacifier thermometer
  • Pro: Easy to use on fussy children
  • Pro: Easy to read screen and functions

  • Cons: Long nipple that some kids may not like
  • Cons: Readings may take longer with this thermometer



Overall, this thermometer seems to be a bit temperamental in its application. While some children will readily accept it, others won’t want anything to do with it. The price is super low however, so it’s worth a shot for most children who already use a pacifier.
Even if your child likes it, the quality control issues can be something of a gamble and something like a mostly dead battery is sure to make you wish you hadn’t made the purchase. The manufacturer doesn’t offer any kind of warranty, which is worrying.
If your child likes it and you receive one with no issues, however, it makes a great way to get a general idea of the temperature of your child. In a best case scenario, it’s one of the best thermometers around, but the purchase might be something of a gamble at the end of the day.