Things to consider when choosing a newborn photographer

Things to consider when choosing a newborn photographer

Nowadays, people put about as much care and attention into choosing their newborn photographer as what they do into choosing their pediatrician. It is a standard topic for conversation at baby showers and maternity groups.

Many of us end up choosing our photographer based on other photographs we have seen that they have done.

While this is certainly something to take into consideration, you also have to think of a few more things. Remember, you are trying to find someone whom you trust to eternalize some of the most precious moments of your life.

What you should consider?

Below are a few things that you may want to consider when choosing your own newborn photographer.

You need to use these tips as you see fit. You may find some of these elements more important than others, or you may feel that other elements should have been added. Your baby is unique, as are your personal feelings on who gets to photograph your little bundle of joy.

The tips below are just that, therefore: tips. Hopefully, they will help you to at least narrow down your list of choices. After all, if you were to simply Google for the best newborn photographer, even if you were to narrow it down to your geographical area, you may just find yourself overwhelmed with the results.

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Top 10 to think about

  1. Attention – how much attention do they give you and your needs, and how much attention do they give your baby? You both have to feel fully comfortable while working with the photographer.
  2. Planning – do you just show up with your baby, but her or him on a prop and get shooting? Or do you get to sit with your photographer and discuss what your options are?
  3. Meeting – how do you feel after first meeting your photographer? Will they come to you and then make an appointment for the shoot, or do you have to do everything in one go?
  4. Home option – can the photographer come to you, or do you have to come to their studio?
  5. Patience – working with babies cannot be scripted or choreographed and a photographer must have the patience to work with a baby.
  6. Digital skills – check their portfolio and see how their shoots have turned out before. You may even be able to see before and after pictures, which will tell you whether the photographer is skilled at what they do, or simply skilled at PhotoShop.
  7. Love – do they love their job and working with babies, cameras and lighting?
  8. Comfort – do they make sure your baby is comfortable during the shoot and that you are well looked after as well?
  9. Adequate time – are you put on a tight schedule, or will you have the chance to take your time and get things right?
  10. Personality – do you get on with the photographer? This is absolutely vital, because you would never place your new baby in the care of someone you don’t like.